Western Journal reports: Booyens is a member of the board of Traffick911, founded in 2009 and has helped free hundreds of youth from sex-trafficking operations. But he says little if any of that help came during Obama’s time in office. “Do you know that I cannot get the radical left to do something about it?” Booyens said Thursday at Turning Point USA’s High School Leadership Summit. TRENDING: Pelosi Trump Won t Be President Next Year One Way or Another “Do you know that we could not get the Obama White House to do something about it?” President Donald Trump’s administration, on the other hand, has been very active in fighting trafficking, Booyens said. “Do you know that President Trump has done more to fight that thing — Ivanka (Trump), Jared (Kushner) — they have done more — Don Jr. — to fight that thing,” he said. Trump issued an executive order early last year, that directs the government to “identify, interdict, disrupt, and dismantle the transnational criminal organizations that engage in human trafficking.” “My administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking. "And I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government, whatever we can do, in order to solve this horrific problem,” Trump said of his executive order. The Epoch Times reports Immigration and Customs Enforcement identified or rescued 904 sexually exploited children and 518 victims of human trafficking in fiscal 2017.

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This is another form of SLAVERY; Slavery by "Collective" movements like NOW

The following from an article by WND Colluminst Paqtrice Lewis:

The difference is what progressives have worked diligently to bring about over the last few decades: the destruction of the family and the destruction of faith. Make no mistake, the attacks on faith and family have been unrelenting, highly deliberate – and orchestrated.

Orchestrated, you say? Isn’t that nuts? Not at all. Consider this article written by Mallory Millett, sister of Kate Millett, a leading figure in the second-wave feminism. Mallory was present – an eyewitness – when NOW (National Organization for Women) was founded. She wrote: “I love the term ‘Feminazi,’ as these humorless women are, indeed, fascists, killers of faith and society. So many people think the rise of women and the evisceration of our culture are somehow coincidental. But it’s been calculated and deliberate. It’s the only way America can be ‘fundamentally transformed’ into the Marxist test-tube to dazzle the world. It’s the result of HATE: hating God, hating life, hating society, hating men, hating babies, hating history, hating our fathers, hating our families, hating our white male Founders, hating happiness, hating heterosexuality, hating Western civ. Is this not madness? … I was with them at that table as they founded the Women’s Movement and NOW. The entire stated point of their activities was to destroy the American family and with that, Western civilization.”


Massive child sex ring discovered in Oregon


Jaco Booyens claims that Obama aided child traffickers by blocking investigations into sex slave rings

Hollywood movie director Jaco Booyens has claimed that former President Barack Obama abused his position while in office to block investigations into child trafficking rings. Booyens has been working tirelessly in an endless battle to take down human sex traffickers for nearly a decade. He says that his work in the fight against sex slavery received no support from Obama's Administration, who actively stood in the way of his investigations. Entertainment industry executive Booyens, who also directed “8 Days,” which is a movie based on true stories of victims of sex trafficking, says former President Barack Obama refused to help fight the problem, effectively aiding child traffickers to continue unchallenged. According to Booyens, since Trump took office, the president has been "very active" in working with his organisation to tackle child trafficking, while Obama appeared to nurture the problem.

The Murder of Linda Collins-Smith... CPS- The Clinton Foundation & Child Trafficking Ring
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There never was an abolitionist movement within the Islamic world to end slavery, as Mohammed himself owned slaves.

The U.S. State Department in 1993 estimated 90,000 Southern Sudanese were captured and taken into slavery by North African Arabs. Yazidi and non-Muslim women have been forced into sex slavery by the Islamic State. UNICEF estimated 200,000 children a year are sold from West and Central Africa to be domestic, agricultural and sex slaves in neighboring countries.

The International Labor Rights and Education Fund works to rescue some of the hundreds of thousands of kidnapped children in India locked in rooms and forced to weave carpets.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has worked to free some of the thousands in southern Singh held in leg-irons due to unpaid debt and forced to harvest cane.

Accounts persist of young girls in Thailand sold into prostitution and slave chattels in Mauritania.

Twice as many women were sold in the Arab Muslim slave trade than men. “Prophet, We have made lawful to you … the slave girls whom Allah has given you as booty.” (Qur’an 33:50)

Both white and black male slaves were often castrated, though black male slaves suffered more, being cut “level with the abdomen,” resulting in high mortality rates. The Arabic word “Abd” or “Abeed” is the name used for both “African” and “slave.”

Generational indebtedness in India sees rural peasants born in debt, live in debt and die in debt. The Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy heard accounts of the thousands held in North Korean slave labor camps.

The abolition of slavery movement developed in the western Judeo-Christian civilization. Saint Patrick’s “Letter To King Coroticus,” condemning his enslavement of Irish in the fifth century, was one of the first anti-slavery documents: “Thy sheep around me are torn to pieces and driven away, and that by those robbers, by the orders of the hostile-minded Coroticus … a man who hands over Christians to the Picts and Scots. Ravening wolves have devoured the flock of the Lord. … You … sell them to a foreign nation that has no knowledge of God. You betray the members of Christ as it were into a brothel . … People who were freeborn have been sold, Christians made slaves, and that, too, in the service of the abominable, wicked, and apostate Picts!”

The Medieval Catholic Orders of Mathurins and Trinitarians collected alms and ransomed captives from North Africa Muslim slavery. Bartolomé de las Casas in the 16th century championed ending the enslavement of native Americans. Quakers in the 17th century consistently lobbied to end slavery. In the late 18th and early 19th century, John Newton and William Wilberforce led the anti-slavery movement in England.

William Wilberforce stated: “You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

Marquis de Lafayette had joined the American cause and fought in the Revolutionary War, being considered almost as an adopted son of General George Washington. After the war, Lafayette joined the French abolitionist Society of the Friends of the Blacks, which advocated the end of the slave trade and equal rights for Blacks. Lafayette’s plan to emancipate all slaves was thought impossible by some. Lafayette replied: “If it be a wild scheme, I had rather be mad in this way, than to be thought wise in the other task.”

Washington encouraged Lafayette, April 5, 1783: “The scheme … which you propose as a precedent, to encourage the emancipation of the black people of this Country from that state of Bondage in which. they are held, is a striking evidence of the benevolence of your Heart. I shall be happy to join you in so laudable a work; but will defer going into a detail of the business, ’till I have the pleasure of seeing you.”

In the last six years of Washington’s life, he attempted to take four of the farms on his plantation and make them into rental properties, thus transitioning away from slavery.

On May 10, 1786, George Washington wrote from Mount Vernon to Marquis de Lafayette: “Your late purchase of an estate in the colony of Cayenne, with a view of emancipating the slaves on it, is a generous and noble proof of your humanity. Would to God a like spirit would diffuse itself generally into the minds of the people of this country.”

In the 19th century, America had notable anti-slavery leaders. Founding Father Richard Bassett, who signed the U.S. Constitution, converted to be an enthusiastic Methodist Christian, freed all his slaves and paid them as hired labor.

John Jay helped draft New York’s first Constitution, proposing it abolish slavery, as he wrote to Robert Livingston and Gouverneur Morris, April 29, 1777, that there should be: “… a clause against the continuation of domestic slavery.”

John Jay was appointed by George Washington to be the first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Jay helped found the New York State Society for Promoting the Manumission (Freeing) of Slaves in 1785, filing lawsuits on behalf of slaves.

John Jay wrote to Benjamin Rush, March 24, 1785: “I wish to see all … discriminations everywhere abolished, and that the time may soon come when all our inhabitants of every color and denomination shall be free and equal partakers of our political liberty.”

Jay helped found New York’s African Free School in 1787 and supported it financially. Jay bought slaves in order to free them, writing: “I purchase slaves and manumit them.”

As governor of New York, John Jay signed an Act for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery in 1799, prohibiting the exportation of slaves and making a path for children of slaves to attain freedom. John Jay was also president of the American Bible Society, 1821-1828.

Newspaper editor Horace Greeley stated in 1854: “To Chief Justice Jay may be attributed, more than to any other man, the abolition of Negro bondage in this state.”

John Jay’s son, William Jay (1789-1858), founded New York City’s Anti-Slavery Society in 1833. William Jay drafted the constitution for the American Anti-Slavery Society and served as its corresponding foreign secretary, 1835-1837.

William Jay was the first judge of New York’s Westchester County from 1820 to 1842, but was removed on account of his strong anti-slavery views. William Jay helped to found the American Bible Society in 1818.

William Jay’s son, John Jay II (1817-1894), was manager of the New York Young Men’s Anti-Slavery Society in 1834. John Jay II was a prominent member of the anti-slavery Free Soil Party. John Jay II later helped found in New York a branch of the new political party dedicated to the social issue of ending slavery – the Republican Party.

Francis Scott Key labored for seven years before the Supreme Court to free 300 African slaves from the ship Antelope captured off the coast of Florida in 1820.

Jonathan M. Bryant wrote in “Dark Places of the Earth: The Voyage of the Slave Ship Antelope” (2015): “Most startling of all, Key argued … that all men were created equal. … If the United States had captured a ship full of white captives, Key asked, would not our courts assume them to be free? How could it be any different simply because the captives were black?”

In 1841, two years before his death, Francis Scott Key helped former President John Quincy Adams free 53 African slaves in the Amistad case.

In his 1844 decision, Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story helped establish the illegality of the slave trade, as portrayed in Steven Spielberg’s 1997 movie “Amistad.”

Salmon P. Chase coined the slogan of the Free Soil Party: “Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men.”

A member of the newly created Republican Party, Salmon P. Chase defended so many escaped slaves that he was nicknamed “Attorney-General of Fugitive Slaves.”

Salmon P. Chase was appointed by President Abraham Lincoln as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court where he admitted John Rock as the first African-American attorney to argue cases before the Supreme Court.

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Cassius Marcellus Clay heard William Lloyd Garrison speak while a student at Yale and became an abolitionist. Cassius Marcellus Clay helped to found the Republican Party and served three terms as a Kentucky Representative till he lost his seat due to his strong anti-slavery views. In 1843, pro-slavery Democrats attacked Cassius Marcellus Clay and shot him in the chest, but he was able to fight them off with his Bowie knife. Clay began publishing an anti-slavery newspaper in 1845 called the True American. He received death threats and had to barricade his newspaper office doors. A pro-slavery Democrat mob broke in and stole his printing equipment. In 1849, while making an anti-slavery speech, Clay was attacked, beaten, stabbed, and almost shot, till he fought off his attackers.

Cassius Marcellus Clay helped pressure Republican President Abraham Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation. As Minister to Russia, Clay helped negotiate the U.S. purchase of Alaska.

Anti-slavery leader Rufus King was born March 24, 1755. Rufus King was a Harvard graduate who was an aide to General Sullivan during the Revolutionary War. At 32 years old, Rufus King was one of the youngest signers of the U.S. Constitution. Rufus King later served as U.S. minister to England, U.S. Senator from New York, and was a candidate for U.S. president.

In a speech made before the Senate at the time Missouri was petitioning for statehood, Rufus King stated: “I hold that all laws or compacts imposing any such condition as slavery upon any human being are absolutely void because they are contrary to the law of nature, which is the law of God.”

Superhero Rescued 1600 + Kids from Sex Trafficking
Macaulay Culkin: Satanic Hollywood ElitesMurder Children During Rituals

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America was global human trafficking and pedophile ring hotspot during Obama 2nd term

(From article by Medical Kidnap linked at bottom) 

 Just as in the Schaefer case back in 2010 a rush to judgement is all that is likely happen in this case as well... unless the public outcry becomes loud enough to be heard. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson is a longtime FOB (Friend of Bill) who served as head of DEA under the former president as well as Dept. of Homeland Security. You can draw your own inferences from that. During his time as governor, the Arkansas State Police acted as Bill Clinton's private army over the objections of many good and decent rank and file officers who were sickened by went on... most have been dismissed or have died. Like the old saying goes, a fish rots from the head down. 

 One of Sen. Collin-Smith's constituents, Michaele Walker has been working with the former senator on a corruption investigation that she characterizes as involving "the Pentagon and federal government," for over two years and said that the investigation will continue (see Facebook video in Medical Kidnap article). Could this be a part of why DOJ planes were removing boxes of documents from Little Rock? The MK article also provides some background into the murders of Sen. Schaefer and her husband. 

  Similar allegations have been made in the past regarding former Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer. (See: Senator Nancy Schaefer: Did her Fight Against CPS Child Kidnapping Cause her Murder?)  

  What we do know is that the vast majority of children who are sexually trafficked today come from the nation’s Child Protection Services agencies and Foster Care, and that this child sex trafficking business is reported to be larger than the illegal drugs and illegal gun trades.  

 The investigation Collins-Smith and likely Sen. Nichols of OK were involved with are probably related to ongoing investigations of corruption in the Arkansas government, both the bureaucracy (CPS, DHS and Medicaid) and the Arkansas Legislature where several arrests of both former and current legislators have been made... all tied to the Clintons and/or their foundation in one way or another. 

  In June, Rutledge announced the arrest of former Preferred Family Healthcare Director of Program Integrity and Director of Operations, Raveendran, for scamming the Arkansas Medicaid Program of $2.2 million. Raveendran is also a former Senior Auditor with Arkansas’s Medicaid Program Integrity Unit. In August, Rutledge announced the arrest of former Preferred Family Healthcare Director of Billing, Helen Balding, for similar actions. In October, Rutledge announced the arrest of Vicki Chisam who is accused of being an accomplice to Raveendran, Balding and other individuals known and unknown to the Office of the Attorney General.  

 Both New Beginnings Healthcare and Preferred Family Healthcare have ties to the CHAI (Clinton Health Access Initiative) an offshoot of the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. If there's a dirty dollar to be made in Arkansas, it's a pretty sure bet that the Clintons are going to get their share. Raveendran is one of the legislators arrested. Rutledge, as the linked article shows is the Arkansas Atty. General. The Collins-Smith investigation is just a different part of a big thoroughly rotten pie. 

  “CD Media [the media organization that originally broke the story] also claims that their source believes the murder of former Oklahoma State Senator Jonathan Nichols and the murder of Collins-Smith are connected,” continued the report.  According to a post at Project Speak, there was a lot of money missing in DHS/Child Protective Services, and the Clinton Foundation seems to have benefited.  

  • Former State Senator, Linda Collins Smith, of Arkansas was found shot dead in her home, 6/04/19. (Updated)

• She was working with DHS insider to expose the missing $27M from DHS/Child Protective Services.

• These funds are being placed into trade, and the dividends are being filtered back to the Clinton Foundation or owned shell companies, belonging to the Clinton Foundation

.• The missing $27M was discovered when it was revealed that that DHS in Arkansas had two separate sets of books. [According to Michaele Walker this sum is likely $53 million]

 • It’s connected to a Federal Grant that requires a specific number of children be removed from their families to meet the required quota so that they’re able to renew the grant again each year.  

 This federal grant is the Safe Families Protection Act of 1997 mentioned before. This legislation comes on the heels of a previous act called "the Mondale Act," precipitated in 1974 by the CDF (Children's Defense Fund) and other activist groups in response to a non-existent "epidemic of child abuse" across the country. This was and always has been a direct attack on America's families and a method of keeping the child sex trafficking pipeline full of victims. Many are already aware of the work done by former State Senator John DeCamp of Nebraska and the Boystown/Franklin cover-up. His investigation revealed pedophilia going all the way to the G.H.W. Bush White House. Sex Trafficking in high places is nothing new in America, it's just a question of what if anything is going to be done about it. 

 Prior to her death, Collins-Smith had been actively tracking Arkansas DHS’ missing $27 million dollars, an amount that spiraled to 53 million dollars+ then into the billions traceable on a second set of books. This discovery linked the Clinton Foundation companies and the State of Arkansas sex-trafficking operation.  

 What Sen. Collins-Smith uncovered is what likely cost her her life... and when the Clintons are involved, witnesses seldom live long enough to testify. Although little is being written or released about the murder of Sen. Nichols, it appears too that he was actively pursuing information about pedophilia and child trafficking and although the MSM will likely treat them as separate incidents it's likely there's a connection. Child sex trafficking is a huge and very lucrative business and the government is and always has been up to their ears in the corruption... particularly at the CPS/DPS/family court level. Children are removed from loving homes for infractions as minor as a few dirty dishes in the sink. CPS main duty is to protect children and the guidelines in every state are that families are to be kept together unless there is  "clear and imminent physical damage to the child." This has been expanded to include psychological abuse. However, nothing could be further from the truth. 

 After the Safe Families Act was signed into law the states began to see dollar signs dancing in front of their eyes. The pedophiles in government saw a perfect opportunity to keep the pipeline full of victims. Child/human sex trafficking has become a multi-trillion dollar industry, surpassing drug and gun trafficking. People can be sold over and over again and lamentably, as I've reported many times before, the life expectancy of a child in the pipeline is six years. The vast majority of the victims come from CPS/foster care... and the judges in charge of family court are complicit as Sen. Collins-Smith uncovered. These hearings are most often held in secret- a star-chamber atmosphere where parents aren't allowed to hear testimony which is coaxed out of their children. The judges find for the state in over 95% of the cases- that should be a red flag in and of itself. 

  The number of missing children per day, week, month and year are ASTRONOMICAL, and bear no relation to official numbers or to amounts imagined by any reasonable individual.  

The real numbers are far in excess of what's being reported with over 850,000 children going missing in the US every year alone. 

 American children and babies are being actively stolen, shipped and resold to buyers and slave markets around the world. “Aborted” fetus,’ kids adopted into “loving” families, and children “protected” by alleged government agencies CPS & DHS are being actively trafficked.  

 And for every child stolen each state is rewarded by the federal government- this has become a cottage industry for many states. People in some states "place orders" for children with certain characteristics... blonde with blue eyes being the most popular. 

 The corruption is deep and dark. Chances are that every state in the country is infiltrated to the highest levels.  

 CPS & DHS are private, non-governmental agencies funded by federal grants. These grants INCENTIVIZE the removal of children from homes in direct opposition to CPS’ stated position of removing children from birth parents being the last resort.  

 Removal is almost always the first resort. CPS has become little more than a recruitment tool for pedophiles and sex traffickers and that seems to have been the intent all along. The Safe Families Protection Act would have been better named The Safe Pedophile Acquisition Act. When the government at any level becomes involved in corruption of this size and scale we're all in trouble. Especially for people such as Sen.'s Collins-Smith and Nichols who were likely murdered for trying to tell the truth... and as usual, the Clintons are at the bottom of the corruption.  


11. On Thurs. 7 May General Flynn, who “knows where all the bodies were buried” was exonerated. President Trump announced, “He was an innocent man. He is a great gentleman. He was targeted by the Obama order to take down a President. They are dishonest, crooked people. They are scum...they are human scum...The Obama administration, Justice Department was a disgrace. They got caught. Very dishonest people. It's treason. It's treason...” 

12. Those treasonous people have been under investigation since Trump took office back in 2016, with US Attorney General from Utah John Huber and his team of 174 investigators filing over 170,000 sealed indictments against them in federal courts across the nation. Some have been unsealed with arrests made, though not made public.  

13. By far the majority of those sealed indictments included charges of pedophilia – that resulted in uncovering an international child trafficking ring. The US Military was pulling thousands of malnourished, tortured and caged children, many deceased, from an extensive network of underground tunnels beneath major cities across the US. The UN was directing another series of arrests on their pedophile perpetrators across the globe. 

The tunnels were funded by US Taxpayer dollars and run by the Cabal using a CIA Mind Control program on the children extracted out of Nazi Germany after World War II. The rescue operation under the direction of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, was believed to have begun at the California China Lake Military facility on July 4 2019. Those military operations used around 10,000 Navy Seals and US Marines troops who continued to risk their lives saving the children even today. 

13. By far the majority of those sealed indictments included charges of pedophilia – that resulted in uncovering an international child trafficking ring. The US Military was pulling thousands of malnourished, tortured and caged children, many deceased, from an extensive network of underground tunnels beneath major cities across the US. The UN was directing another series of arrests on their pedophile perpetrators across the globe. 

The tunnels were funded by US Taxpayer dollars and run by the Cabal using a CIA Mind Control program on the children extracted out of Nazi Germany after World War II. The rescue operation under the direction of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, was believed to have begun at the California China Lake Military facility on July 4 2019. Those military operations used around 10,000 Navy Seals and US Marines troops who continued to risk their lives saving the children even today.  

 In a case grimly remenicient of the murders of Sen. Nancy Schaefer of GA  and her husband an Arkansas State Senator investigation CPS corruption and abuse was found shot to death outside her home in Pocahontas, AR. One unusual aspect of the murder is that although gunshots were heard by neighbors, nobody bothered to investigate for a couple of days when her partially decomposed body was discovered wrapped in blankets and a tarp. Schaefer's death in 2010 came as she was closing in on CPS corruption in Georgia linking the agency to child sex trafficking. Her death and that of her husband were ruled a murder/suicide and despite the objections of friends and family who knew them and their Christian beliefs well said such a cause of death was out of the question. Schaefer had just gone public with her findings when she was murdered. 

 CPS and child sex trafficking has become one of governments dirtiest little secrets ever since the Safe Families Protection Act of 1997 signed into law by then president Bill Clinton in which the federal government in effect paid bounties to the states for every child removed from a loving home and put up for adoption... a polite euphemism for the child trafficking pipeline. People have known since Pizzagate broke over two years ago that Washington DC is full of pedophiles, many of them holding high-ranking positions in Government, such as Tony Podesta, ally and close confidante of the Clintons and Obamas. It has also been long suspected that the Clintons and their foundation have been involved in sex trafficking as far back as the Bosnian Conflict. Now it seems that the Clinton Foundation is involved once again- with $27 million missing going to the CF apparently, accomplished through the use of 2 sets of books at CPS. 

 Coincidently (or not) an Oklahoma lawmaker, State Senator Jonathan Nichols was found shot in his Norman OK home apparently for the same reason... it looks like the deaths could be related- perhaps a case of Clintoncide. Moreover, Hillary's brother Tony Rodham died not long after being subpoenaed to answer questions about emails along with the foundation. This is what's been reported so far: 

  A verified source close to Collins-Smith told CD Media that she was about to go public with incriminating information on sitting judges in Arkansas, who were involved in taking children from poor women via the Department of Human Services (child protective services) in Arkansas and selling them to wealthy individuals. The source also disclosed that Collins-Smith believed the perpetrators were using illegal aliens to facilitate the crimes which included murdering the mothers of the stolen children.  

 If the mothers of stolen children are targets, certainly a former senator who was about to go public with disclosures about corruption and murder for hire in government would certainly be a likely target. Collins-Smith was also instrumental in passage of Act 922 in the Arkansas Legislature which requires an online course in human trafficking to obtain a Class A commercial drivers license, she has been an advocate for trafficking victims all along. There are some aspects of the Collins-Smith case that look very fishy including the fact that the Judge has already sealed all documents involved: 

  “Third Judicial District Court Judge Harold Erwin issued an order sealing the documents and statements obtained by police during the pendency of this investigation.”
Prosecuting Attorney Henry H. Boyce  

 So the question is, why is there no docket number for a filing given to us by our contact and why has it been reported as being filed?  

  Our deduction is that state police do not plan to fully investigate because they know the identity of the killers