Hillary Clinton And The Funding Of Al-Qaeda Terrorists In Libya And Syria

By Brandon Turbeville

Picking up where the Benghazi scandal left off, it cannot be stated often enough that Hillary Clinton, in her tenure as Secretary of State, was instrumental in helping to fund, organize, train, and direct al-Qaeda terrorist forces in Libya and Syria.

In regards to Libya, it was well known and even criticized by Libyan officials that Clinton’s State Department was actively funneling weaponry to “rebels” with “ties to al-Qaeda.” Of course, the “rebels” actually were al-Qaeda as the Libyan “rebellion” itself was nothing more than the use of proxy forces by the United States and NATO whose ranks were made up of terrorists, jihadists, and mercenaries. As the Washington Times reported in February, 2015


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2018 Kavanaugh Accuser Blasey-Ford Exposed as FBI Operative Working for Former FBI Deputy Director McCabe, Sorcha Faal:,

1. A new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today stated that US Federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh accuser Stanford University Psychiatry Professor Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford, aside from her being an instructor at Stanford’s CIA Undergraduate Internship Program, was an operative working for fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

2. Blasey-Ford was tasked by McCabe to “coach/instruct” various FBI and US Department of Justice officials on how to subvert results on polygraph exams through the use of hypnosis to create “artificial memories”

3. One of whose subjects was Blasey-Ford’s high school friend Monica McLean, who served for 24 years in the US Department of Justice, but who has now been exposed to the US Senate committee overseeing Kavanaugh’s nomination to the US Supreme Court.

4. Committee chairman US Senator Chuck Grassley is now demanding answers for a letter sent to US Senate on 2 October 2018 exposing Christine Blasey-Ford hypnotic training of US Department of Justice operative Monica McLean

5.One of the greatest in history SVR intelligence operation failures occurred in 2010 when FBI officials arrested 10 Russian deep-cover operatives performing covert surveillance activities in the United States. The most famous of them being Anna Vasil’yevna Kushchyenko, otherwise known as Anna Chapman—but all of whom were safely returned to the Motherland a month after their arrest in a spy-swap arranged between Russia, the United States and Britain.

6. SVR analysts began an intensive investigation to discover the causes of this calamity—with their first being able to ascertain that the American operation to take down these Russian deep-cover operatives was led by FBI Counterintelligence officials Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok, and who worked on their operation with US Department of Justiceofficials Bruce Ohr and Monica McLean.

7. SVR Colonel Alexander Poteyev was responsible for this deep cover operation and betrayed the Federation by his becoming a double-agent by the FBI and US Department of Justice, for which he was sentenced in absentia to 25 years in prison for treason, and was reported dead in the US in 2016.

8. He was able to continue passing his mandated polygraph exams while being a double-agent for the FBI. Russian counterintelligence experts examined United States National Institute of Health (NIH) scientific documents—the two most important of which are the 2004 Stanford Universityresearch study titled “Centring In Regression Analyses: A Strategy To Prevent Errors In Statistical Inference”, and the 2008 Stanford University research study titled “Meditation With Yoga, Group Therapy With Hypnosis, and Psychoeducation for Long-Term Repressed Mood: A Randomized Pilot Trial.”

9. These two studies provided a psychological roadmap on how hypnosis-regression can be used to “create artificial memories.” The main author of each was Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford, whose scientific articles in the NIH database are noted by her author name Blasey-CM.

10. Russian intelligence analysts were quickly able to determine her ties to the CIA, most particularly through her father who is a long known CIA black operations paymaster.

11. They discovered that Colonel Poteyev had maintained regular contact with a California marriage counselor named Dr. Sylvia Adkins Randall. Randall’s her office was in the home of Dr. Blasey-Ford.

12. Randall had sold the office to the Ford’s in 2007, and was the reason this home had two front doors. Dr. Blasey-Ford’s lying under oath to the US Senate comically claiming two front doors were needed because of her continued fears of her Kavanaugh repressed memories.


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NEW YORK – Former President Bill Clinton developed a methodology of exploiting epidemics and natural disasters to raise hundreds of millions in “charitable donations” that in a relaxed regulatory environment could be diverted to personal gain, funding Hillary Clinton’s political campaigns and supporting Democratic Party causes, charges Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel, who has conducted an in-depth investigation of the foundation’s finances.
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