January 2004
WHAT IS YOUR PRICE? By Bro. Curtis Williams, Jr. -pg 1
THE KING SHOULD HAVE NO DAMAGE By Bro. Clifford Cole -pg 2
“O Come Let Us Adore Him” By Sis. Neta Murphey -pg 3
Foreign Mission Letters -pgs 7 & 8
THE FAMILY THAT PRAYS by    Bro. Toney and Sis. Jeanie Samons -pg 9
When the Tempter Comes Oftenest -15
No matter what your sin is: —Bro. E. E. Byrum -pg 15
“FROM GLORY TO GLORY.”  (Poem) I Corinthians 3:18 -B y Frances Ridley Havergal -pg 16
February 2004
EARTHLY WELLS By Bro. Bob Wilson -pg 1
GOD ’S IMAGE—OUR IMAGE By Harlan Sorrell -pg 2
Foreign Mission Letters -pg 9

Memorial: Otis Clark Porter was born January 2, 1902, the sixth of twelve children to John Franklin and Lillie Mae Porter.-pg 9.
THE FAMILY THAT PRAYS By Bro. Toney and Sis. Jeanie Samons -pg 10
Sixty-Five Years Ago Taken from February 1939 Faith and Victory -pg 16
March 2004
CONTENTMENT By Bro. Bill Busch -pg 1
The Family That Prays By Bro. Toney and Sis. Jeanie Samons -pg 3
Foreign Missionary Reports Pgs 8 thru 13
I Believe  -Submitted by Bro. James McMakin -pg 15
April 2004
AN EVERLASTING LIGHT By Bro. J. Grant Anderson -pg 1
IT’S NOT TOO MUCH! By Sis. Patsy Cain -pg2
The Family That Prays By Bro. Toney and Sis. Jeanie Samons -pg 2
From India. —Bro. John Varghese -pg 11
GOOD FURNITURE —Billy Bray -pg 11
How Do We Picture Jesus to Others? By Sis. Blaine Dunn -pg 12
The Five Fingers of Prayer -—Sis. Marie Christian -pg 12
THE SEVEN CHURCHES OF ASIA —Sis. Kathleen McMurrin —Bro. James McMurrin -pg 15
The Culprit of the Egg Mix-Up By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 16
May 2004
GREAT GAIN By R. Rothman -pg 1
GOD DOES NOT ACCEPT EXCUSES By Sis. Naomi Jennings -pg 2
Foreign Mission Reports -pgs 10 thru 13
The Family That Prays By Bro. Toney and Sis. Jeanie Samons -pg 14
June 2004
THE PROPER FILM By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 1
The Family That Prays By Bro. Toney ana Sis. Jeanie Samons -pg 3
Yield To God -50 Years Ago—Excerpts Taken From June 1954 Faith and Victory. -pg 16
 July 2004
GENTLENESS — Bro. C. E. Orr -pg 1
GRACE MINISTERED TO THE HEARERS By W. M. Potter -Gospel Trumpet, July 21, 1904. -pg 2
BE A SPIRITUAL TREE By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 3                                                        
The Family That Prays By Bro. Toney and Sis. Jeanie Samons -pg 12
COURAGE By Sis. Lottie Joiner -—Faith and Victory, July 1938. -pg 14
Mrs. Prayer Meeting -Sel. -pg 16
September 2004
Weighed And Found Wanting By Sis. Amber Martens -pg 1
Will God Fail Us? No, Never! By Sis. Gladys Cashio -pg 2
"The Waters Were Made Sweet" By Sis. Anita Adams -pg 3
Foreign Mission Letters -pgs 11 thru 13
God's Power To Change By Sis. Irma Ababon -pg 13

Memorial: Charles Ellis Taylor was born in Okmulgee County, OK on September 22, 1945. He was the eleventh and youngest child born to Felix and Fannie Taylor. He departed lhis life on July 14, 2004 after a short illness. -pg 14.
A Testimony By Sis. Mariz Mabanta -selected from the May issue of the Life In Light. the Muntinlupa Church of God bulletin -pg 14
The Family That Prays By Bro. Toney and Sis. Jeanie Samons -pg 15
October 2004
Glorifying God By Sis. Linda Clevenger -pg 1
Thy Servant Heareth By Sis. Anita Adams -pg 3
Quotations from the General Southern Camp Meeting, Loranger, LA. -pg 11

George A. Hammond, 87, of Kenosha, WI and Guthrie, OK, passed away on Tuesday, August 24, 2004. Bom in Van Metre, SD on January 8, 1917 -pg 11.
The Family That Prays By Bro. Toney and Sis. Jeanie Samons -pg 12
God's Lessons Through Roco By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 14
BEAMAN ! (Poem) —Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg 16
POWER VERSUS FORM -A quotation used by Bro. C.E. Orr in The Gospel Day. -pg 16
November 2004
THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD By Bro. Clint Doolittle -pg 1
“BELIEVEST THOU THIS?” By Sis. Naomi Jennings -pg 2
WHEN WILL YOU BELIEVE? By Sis. Linda Clevenger -pg 3
From India. —Bro. John Varghese -pg 12
The Family That Prays By Bro. Toney and Sis. Jeanie Samons -pg 14
December 2004
GOOD NEWS (Poem)-Bro. Ulysses Phillips -pg 1
TO-DAY -F. J. Kiefer -pg 1
Rest In The Lord – Sel.-  pg 2
Discouragement – Sel. Pg 2
The Family That Prays By Bro. Toney and Sis. Jeanie Samons -pg 3
January 2005
DEAD TO SIN, ALIVE TO GOD By Bro. Brandon Martens -pg 1
The Things That Keep You Humble By Sis. Cheryl Smith -pg 2
The Value In Children By Sis. Linda Clevenger -pg 3
PENNY BLESSINGS By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 14
Getting Out of Self —Bro. C. E. Orr -pg 16
February 2005
TO KNOW AND DO GOD'S WILL By Sis. Angela Gellenbeck -pg 1
Consecration Taken from June 1940 Faith and Victory. -pg 3
Foreign Mission Letters-pg 9 thru 11
WAITING ON THE LORD Taken from Heart Talks by C. W. Naylor. -pg 12
THE HOLINESS OF THE CHURCH Taken from The Christian Church: Its Rise and Progress by H. M. Riggle. -pg 14
March 2005
Are You Fee ling Boxed In? By Sis. Vonda Cole -pg 1
GO FORWARD By Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg 2
 From the Philippines... —Bro. Daniel Vedania -pg 11

Memorial: Bro. Woodrow Warren was born January 4, 1919, the fourth child of nine, to Lucas and Mellie (Jefferies) Warren of Mounds, OK.Woodrow crossed over into eternal life on Monday, February 14, 2005. -pg 13.
The Rod o f God By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 14
Patience And Passion Taken from Pilgrim’s Progress. -pg 16
 April 2005                                                                                                                                                    
MEEKNESS By Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg 1
GOD’S SILENCE By Sis. Patricia Bell -pg 3
Testimony-MO—Bro. James Huskey -13
May 2005
NO TIME-NO MONEY-NO HELP? By Sis. Patricia Bell -pg 1
Paradise By Sis. Lisa Kelly -pg 2
The Church of God and Sects Contrasted By H. M. Riggle -pg 3
From India .-Bro. John Varghese .. From the Philippines ...-Matias S. Tangunan -pg 10
June 2005
Don’t Forget Monday By Bro. Joel T. Tangunan -pg 1
Grace to Grace By Bro. Brandon Martens -pg 2
The Heart of the Fathers By Sis. Marilyn Cole -pg 3
 Foreign Mission Letters -pg 13
««Great are thy tender mercies, O LORD:... By Sis. Arlene Tibayan -pg 16
July 2005
LAY HOLD ON ETERNAL LIFE By Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg 1
GOOD, BETTER AND BEST By Sis. Naom i Jennings -pg 2
“And Thou Shalt Teach Them Diligently...” By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 11
SANCTIFICATION—A SECOND WORK OF GRACE By Wm. G. Schell Excerpt from The Better Testament -pg 12
DECEIVED—HOW TO GET DELIVERED By E. E. Byrum Excerpt from What Shall I Do To Be Saved? -pg 14
September 2005
A Vision Of The Thief By Sis. Genevieve Carver -pg 1
His Wonders of the Deep By Sis. Jeneg Doolittle -pg 3
Heart-Gardm Watering Weeds? By Bro. Carlos Doolittle -pg 3
Foreign Mmission Letters-From Germany... Ghana & From India  Report -pgs 9 & 10
Holiness to the Lord —Richard Baxter, 1657 -pg 13
We Shall See His Face By Bro. Chinwendu Nwachukwu -pg 13
THE KINGDOM OF GOD By Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg 14
October 2005
HIDDEN TRUTH By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 1
Foreign Mission Letters-pg 8 & 9
Heart-Garden Below The Surface By Bro. Carlos Doolittle -pg 12
How Are You Spending Your Life? —Nora Siens -From The Gospel Trumpet, January 9, 1896 -pg 14
November 2005
A Grave Mistake By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 1
The Seventh and Last Trumpet By R. A. Owens From the April 1968 Faith and Victory. -pg 2
From the Philippines.. -—Matias S. Tangunan and family -pg 10
God Bottles Our Tears By Sis. Lori Cole -pg 11
Who Is a Saint? - Sel. 13
A Cake Not Turned By Emil Kreutz From The Gospel Trumpet, November 3, 1905 -pg 14
The Bag Of Beans – Sel. -pg 14
December 2005
The Lord’s Prayer By Sis. Marsha Corteway -pg 1
An Eternal Being In Our Hands By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 3
From India.. Bro. John Varghese -pg 9

Memorial: Curtis W illiam s was bom October 20,1930 in Sandy Hook, KY to John Henry and Mary Elizabeth (Green) Williams. He was called to his eternal home at 2:20 a.m. on November 14, 2005 at his residence near Guthrie, OK at the age of 75, pg 9.
Confirmation Of The Lord Revised for print from a message delivered by Bro. M ichael Williamson.   -pg 10
The Church Is the Force Not the Field by R. L. Berry-pg 14
The Bottom of the Barrel – Sel. 15
January 2006
SELF-MADE BARRIERS By C. W. Naylor -pg 1
“Create in me a clean heart, O Lord...” By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 3
Foreign Missionary Letters -pg 11
A BRIGHTER CONCEPTION OF CHRIST Taken from Christian Triumph, January 1923 -pg 13
*A Refuge for the Oppressed Taken from The Gospel Trumpet, December 21, 1905 -pg 13
Worth Trying – Sel. -pg 15                                                                                                          Pg 142
Supernatural Power —C. E. Orr -pg 15
February 2006
Who Was Shamgar? By Sis. Patricia Rhodes -pg 1
Children of the Royal Family By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 2
Rewarding Attributes of A Godly Nation By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 3
Letters from Foreign Missions -pg 10 Thru 12
The Power Of A Living Bible – Sel.-pg 16
March 2006
WHAT ABOUT THE HORSES? By Bro. Clifford Cole -pg 1
Our Second Mission Trip to Ghana. -Bro. Alen Laukert -pg 10
Training The Conscience By Sis. Charlotte Huskey "My soul is continually in my hand: ... " Psalm 119:109 -pg 13
Accusation Point -George P. Tasker Taken from the Gospel Trumpet, October 19, 1905. -pg 15
April 2006
“The Visible Body” By Bro. M ichael Smith -pg 1
Lions and Giants and Me Bro. Carlos Doolittle -pg 3
From India... —Bro. John Varghese -pg 9
That Messy Room! By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 10
How Do I See God? By Sis. La Verna Probst -pg 11
Carelessness, A Trick To Many Failures By Bro. Chinwendu Nwachukwu, Nigeria, West Africa -pg 12
 No Exceptions By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 13
A Testimony To Full Salvation – Sel. -pg 14
May 2006
Trial of Your Faith Excerpt of Msg. delivered by Bro. Ed Wilson 8/13/89 - submitted by Bro. NelsonDoolittle. Pg 1
A HIG CALLING By Bro. Ben Goltry -pg 2
In My Father's House By Sis. Lisa Kelly -pg 3
Obedience By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 13
"Draw Me Close to Thee" By Sis. Olive Davenport  -pg 15
Are You On the S111oking or Non-S111oking Flight? -Bro. Jackie Hebrem Riley -pg 16
June 2006
The Bridegroom, the Bride and Beyond By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 1
The Importance o f Our Prom ises By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 2
Foreign Missionary Letters -pg 11 & 12
Growing Old Gracefully By Sis. Naom i Jennings -pg 14
Have You Seen Him? Lottie Jarvis -pg 15
July 2006
Fervency --C. E. Orr -pg 1
The Only Way That Will Work -I. P. Ails (Selected) -pg 2
Idols of Our Time By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 3
God's Hornets  By Bro. Harlan Sorrel -pg 10
MY MIRACLE -Bro. Howell B. Joiner -pg 14
September 2006
A Pathway Through By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 1
The Language of Love By Sis. Charlotte Huskey
 Africa Report —Bro. Michael Smith -pg 12
“ ...I Being in the Way , the Lord Led Me To the House of My Master’s Brethren .” —Laura Bowman ----pg 13
Suppose – Sel. -pg14
“Examine Yourselves Whether Ye Be In The Faith .” -pg 15
October 2006
“TAKE HEED WHAT YE HEAR” By Bro. Chinwendu B. Nwachukwu -pg 1
Time Management By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 2
God’s Beauty —Sis. Imogene Taylor pg 7
Letters from Foreign Missions -pg 9& 10
The Conscience —C. E. Orr From The Gospel Trumpet, October 4, 1906 -pg 12                                             

Kind and Loving To Each Other By Sis. Naomi Jennings -pg 12
“THERE ’S ROCK AT THE BOTTOM .’’ —Sketches From Life -pg 15
The Last Letter – Sel. 16
November 2006
“A Little Strength” By Sis. Anita Adams -pg 1
SOAP POWDER AND GRACE By Sis. Patricia Rhodes -pg 2
Earn Respect Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 11
“Um-Um Good” By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 14
The Purity of God s Handiwork —Jennie M. Byers -pg 15
December 2006
ENTERING INTO GOD’S REST By Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg 1
TRY THE SPIRITS OF YOUR THOUGHTS Msg. by Sis. Sheri Rich at the Tulsa, OK Camp Meeting, ------- 6/18/06--- pg 3
“Do All to the Glory of God” What About Christmas? By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 10
January 2007
Will Your Children Survive This Blizzard? By Sis. Charlotte Huskey
Decided By the Bible -—B. E. Warren -pg 3
GODLY EXERCISE—J. C. Blaney, Reprinted from the Gospel Trumpet November 29, 1906. -pg 15
February 2007
Consecration By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 1
Like a Tree By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 3
Letters from Germany and India -pgs 9 & 10
Open Thou Mine Eyes By Sis. Charlotte Huskey
Take Advantage of Your Disadvantage – Sel. -pg 14
A SUDDEN AWAKENING -J. Grant Anderson Reprinted from Problems of Eternal Moment. -pg 15
March 2007
The Evening Light (Adapted from a message by Bro. Ed Wilson on February 18, 2007, at Neosho, MO.)  -pg 1
The Sin of Sodom By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 3
NOTHING By Sis. LaVerna Probst -pg 12
WAIT ON THE LORD By Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg -pg 14
April 2007
ONENESS By Sis. Dena Porter -pg 1
FATAL FLAWS —J. Grant Anderson Taken from Problems of Eternal Moment -pg 3
Needy Children By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 10
LIVING WATER By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 12
This well of water is also termed a “river of water of life —C. E. Orr -pg 14
May 2007
The Path the Vulture's Eye Hath Not Seen By W. W. Fitzwater (From The GospelTrumpet, February 7,1907J -pg 1
Victory—Vulnerability Adapted from a message Bro. Steve Elston delivered in Loranger, LA on 10/20/02. Edited    by Sis. Christy Robertson. -pg 2
Become a Living Sacrifice By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 3
How to Become a Millionaire – Sel. -pg 13
From One Extreme To Another By D. O. Teasley -pg 14
The Prayer o f Faith By E. E. Byrum -pg 15
June 2007
“PEACE COMES AT THE PRICE OF WAR” By Sis. Vonda Cole -pg 1
God’s Creative Powers By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 2
The Importance o f a True Father Copyright © 2007 by Jared Williamson. -pg 12
“Bring up Your Lives” — Bro. O. B. Wilson From March 1967 Faith And Victory. -pg 14
Recount Your Blessings—Lottie L. Jarvis -pg 15
Have You Seen Him? —Lottie Jarvis -pg 16
July 2007
“We Sought Him Not After the Due Order” By Bro. Clifford Cole -pg 1
Making the Best of Our Opportunity Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 3
Take O ff Your Glasses By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 11
September 2007
Learning To Obey By Sis. Christy Robertson -pg 1                                                                  
THE BLESSING OF THE LORD By Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg 2
God Hears Our Cries By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 3
He Fell Upon The Street —J. Grant Anderson -pg 11
October 2007
Zipped By Bro. Galen Kelly -pg 1
“And Your Sons and Your Daughters Shall Prophesy” By Sis. Marsha Corteway -pg 2
AFRICA TRIP REPORT —Bro. Doug and Sis. Lenita Wall -pg 8
The Back slider by C. W. Naylor -pg 12
November 2007
GOD, THE GREAT CREATOR By Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg 1
The Dinner Table By Sis. Charlotte Huskey – pg 2
Model Christians By Sis. Marilyn Cole -pg 9
His Recompense — C . C . Wylie -pg 11
God Seen in His Creation by Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg 12
December 2007
TREASURE HID IN A FIELD By Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg 1
AN EFFECTUAL PRAYER —Selected from Quests and Conquests -pg 2
Honduras —Bro. Doug Wall -pg 10
NO ROOM By Sis. Olive Davenport -pg 12
January 2008
HOW CAN WE KNOW THE TRUTH? B y Bro. Harlan Sorrell -pg 1
From Ghana —Alen Laukert -pg 8
 The Family Structure By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 10
February 2008
Discouragement By Sis. Sarah Herron -pg 3
DRIFTING By Sis. Gladys Cashio -pg 3
Prayer Meeting Testimonies Neosho, MO Excerpts submitted by Sis. Roberta Wilson -pg 9
March 2008
Choosing a Marriage Companion—A Soul Issue By Michael W. Smith -pg 1
The Beloved Physician By Bro. Ed Wilson A message delivered at Neosho, MO, September 2, 2007--. -pg 10
April 2008
WHAT IF PLANTS HAD A WILL? By Sis. Julie Benson -pg 1
What Are You Willing To Live For? By Bro. Don Elwell -pg 2
Creating An Interdependent Family Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 3
Germany——Wilhelm Laukert -pg 6
 The ‘Bible Looking Glass ‘B y Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg 12
May 2008
BUYING OPPORTUNITIES By Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg 1
“Thy Children Are Gathering Home'* —Bro. Tony and Sis. Lisette Sanchez -pg 2
GOD ANSWERS PRAYER -Germany —Alen Laukert -pg 5
Thy Sea is Great, Our Boats Are Small — Henry Va n Dyke -pg 12
June /July2008
A CHILDLIKE TRUST By Sis. Steffani Williamson -pg 1
Song in the Night By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 2
Sowing to the Flesh or to the Spirit By Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg 3
“It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, sing praises unto thy name, O most High Bro. John & Sis. Diane Clement pg 6
September 2008
Called To Be A Witness By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 1
AFRICA MISSION REPORT Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique. -pg 2
October 2008
When a Nation Sins By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 1
Searching for My Son By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 3
November 2008                                                                                                                                              Pg 145
The Transfiguration -—The Gospel Trumpet, August 2, 1900. -pg 1
Fountain Opened By Mrs. Jennie Carey -pg 2
WE CHOOSE OUR DESTINY —Taken from Beyond the Tomb. -pg 10
December 2008
Songs in the Night By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 1
The Judgment — J. Grant Anderson -From the Gospel Trumpet, Augu st 2, 1900 -pg 10
Nothing Fails When God Is In It  By ‘Walter F . Isenhour -pg 12
January/February 2009
ROCKS A message delivered by Bro. Daniel Adams Transcribed and condensed by Sis. LaVem a Probst-pg 1
Africa Mission Report -—Bro. Michael Smith -pg
Personal Testimony of the Practical Applications of the Holy Spirit By Sis. Vonda Cole -pg 8
‘The ‘Wedding Garment by Thmoas Nelson -pg 12
March 2009
DIVINE HEALING By Sis. Marsha Corteway -pg 1
An Issue of Blood By Sis. Marilyn Eck -pg 2
Thus Saith the Lord - Taken from Problems of Eternal Moment —J Grant Anderson  -pg 9
Sin No More By Bro. Robert C. Gruner -pg 10
Jesus  Is Calling for You -pg 12
April 2009
Forgetting Those Things Which Are Behind  -Taken from Rays of Hope By D. O. Teasley -pg 1

Memorial: Roy Dean Harmon was bom July 4, 1915, in Glasgow, MO to Willard Dean Harmon and Elizabeth Evangeline Harmon. He went to his reward at 7:00 p.m., February 25, 2009, from his home in Pea Ridge, AR at the age of 93
Testimony- —Bro. Toney and Sis. Lisette Sanchez -pg 9
May 2009
Healthy and Unhealthy Fear By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 1
LIGHT AHEAD —D. O. Teasley -pg 3
A Song of Trust by Gertrude Benedict Curtis -pg 12
June 2009
THE GIFT By Sis. Vonda Cole -pg 1
PERSONAL TESTIMONIES —Sis. Angela Sorrell -pg 2
IN MEMORIAM- Stanley Elbert Dickson was bom July 2, 1945, in Coushatta, Louisiana. Elbert Oliver and Josie Aliene (Gillen) Dickson, Bro. Stanley’s life and labors were completed in the early afternoon on Friday, May 22, 2009. His life’s span was 63 years,
July 2009
The Beauties o f Christian Character By Charles E. Orr From The Gospel Day -pg 1
From India... —Bro. John Varghese -pg 8                                    
Africa Mission Report —Bro. Michael Smith —Bro. Doug Wall -pg 8
September 2009
Not Even A Hint By Sis. Angela Gellenbeck -pg 1
Learn o f Me By Bro. Jim Linch -pg 8
!A. ‘True, Christian’s Prayer -Sel. -pg 12

October 2009

Father o f Love By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 1

Evil Temper—Henry Drummond -pg 3

Along the Golden Streets (Poem) -pg 12
November 2009
The Gift of Song (By (Bro. Leslie (Busbee -pg 1
RINGING THE JOY BELLS —C. W. Naylor Taken from The Secret of the Singing Heart. -pg 2
Anchor of the Soul —Sis. Marie Miles From December 1967 Faith and Victory -pg 10
December 2009
The Gift By Sis. Marilyn Cole -pg 1
Walking with God By C. E. Orr -pg 3
January 2010
MY INTRODUCTION TO HEAVEN’S MUSIC Personal experiences and testimony by Bro. Harlan Sorrell -pg 1
More Valuable Than Sparrows By Sis. Lana Johnson -pg 12
February 2010
Do We Appreciate God’s Word? By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 1
THE VESSELS OF TH E TEMPLE —Cleansing of the Sanctuary -pg 3
Finding Relief —E. E. Byrum Riches of Grace -pg 8
THE ETERNAL HOME OF THE REDEEMED —H. M. Riggle Beyond The Tomb -pg 9
Beware Lest Satan Beguile You —George W. Stephenson -pg 11
March 2010
Agitator or Encourager? By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 1
Yield Not To Discouragement —Fred Pruitt F&V, September 1955 -pg 3
A Soldier’s Poem -Was found on the body of a Russian soldier, killed in battle during World War II... -pg 12
April 2010                                                                                                                                   
Pass Me Not By Bro. Carlos Doolittle -pg 1
Standing Alone For God By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 3
Self-Love and Pure Love —E. E. Byrum From Riches of Grace -pg 10
Uses of the Bible -pg 11

May 2010
God’s Plan for the Poor By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 1
Whyenzia By Sis. Rosie Gellenbeck -pg 3
Blessed Hope By Sis. Melonie Whitson -pg 12
June 2010
Yoked With Christ By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 1
African Mission Report and Testimony -—Bro. Michael Smith -pg 2
Pray For One Another By Bro. Joel Tangunan -pg 10
His Yoke is Easy —John T. Taris -pg 11
God’s Gentle Rain —Sis. Lana Johnson -pg 12
July 2010
The Importance of Heart Knowledge By Bro. Harlan Sorrell -pg 1
Boy in the Window —Anonymous -pg 3
JUST FOR TODAY — Taken from The Secret of the Singing Heart -C. W. Naylor - pg 9
What Shall I Do With My Life? - Sel. Pg 11
September 2010
Racism By Sis. Sheri Rich -pg 1
Rewards for Helping the Needy By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 3
October 2010
God’s Hornets By Bro. Harlan Sorrell -(Reprinted by request from June 1999 Faith and Victory.) pg 1
*Letter from Prison —convicted of three second degree murders -Phillip B. Hausken -pg 7
Where Is The Blessing? By Bro. Leslie Busbee—July 1958 -pg 9
SEEK THE LORD By Sis. Gladys Cashio -pg 10
‘There All the Time By Sis. Lana Johnson -pg 12
November 2010
The Kingdom of God By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 1
The Influence of Women By Sis. Geneva Lowe  book Biblical Nuggets fo r Godly Women -pg 3
Appeal To Righteousness By Sis. Marilyn Eck -pg 10
There Is A Way (By Sis. Lana Johnson -pg 12
December 2010
BUILDING BLOCKS OF FAITH From The Secret of the Singing Heart By C. W. Naylor -pg 1
Deeper Devotion —By C. E. Orr from “The Path of Life" -pg 7
God Sent His Angel By Sis. Lana Johnson -pg 12
January 2011
“Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday, and Today, and Forever!” By Bro. Curtis Williams -pg 1
February 2011
Heart Garden By Bro. Carlos Doolittle -pg 1
God's Promises  By Sis. Lana Johnson -pg 12
March 2011
Proverbs 31 Man = Proverbs 31 Woman By Sis. Brenda Wilkins -pg 1
Just Down on the Corner By Sis. Lana Johnson -pg 12
April 2011
“Y’all Be Good, Y’hear” —Daniel Adams -pg 1
Does God Care What I Wear? By Sis. Rosie Gellenbeck -pg 3
Footprints in Canaan By Bro. Carlos Doolittle -pg 10
Bitter is Sweet Sis. Lana Johnson -pg 12
May 2011
The Subtraction Process By J. W. Byers -pg 1                                                                                                  

IN MEMORIAM: Thomas Vada McMillian—On May 17,1923, in FayefteTAlabama,On May 5, 2011, Bro. Vada’s final prayer was answered. He had “fought a good fight. pg 11.


  Doonig somthing Worthwhile by C. W. Naylor—Taken from Heart Talks  -pg 1
Repentance —Earl B. Bliss Fa ith a n d Victory, Oct. 1985 -pg 2
Record is Indestructible —J. Grant Anderson -pg 10
Can’t Stop God’s Spirit R. G. Casey -pg 10
Christ Our Great Physician (By Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg 12
July 2011
Living Water By Sis. Marilyn Cole -pg 1
Tunnels on God s Railroad —Sis. Marie Miles From Faith and Victory, March 1972. -pg 3
A Most Wonderful Place By Sis. Angela Gellenbeck -pg 9
 (Head and Heart  By Sis. Lana Johnson -pg 12
September 2011
I Am a Jealous God By Sis. Connie Sorrell -pg 1
True Holiness Destroys Division Between God's People -Sister A. Marie Miles  Faith and Victory, July, 1970 pg 3
Pakistan Mission Report —Bro. Michael Smith -pg 8
God Protected His People —Adapted from Deacon of Dobbinsville From Faith and Victory, October 1966. -pg 10
If We Didn't Have you, Lord ‘By Sis. Lana Johnson -pg 12
October 2011
The Truth About Sin By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 1
A Letter From the Enemy By Sis. Anita Adams -pg 3
What Shall the Harvest Be? —Ira D. Sankey -pg 9
The Answered Prayer —L. L. Wightman -pg 9
Just Dig Another Well By Sis. Lana Johnson Gen.26. By a Msg. By Bro ‘Butch Cole on August 14, 2011 -pg 11
November/December 2011
Discerning the Lord’s Body, The Church By Bro. Harlan Sorrell (Part 1.) pg 1
God Is For Us! (By Sis. Lana Johnson -pg 12
January/February 2012
Discerning the Lord's Body, The Church By Bro. Harlan Sorrell -pg 1
Jesus Christ, our Passover Lamb By Sis. Melonie Whitson -pg 7
A Tender Invitation From Jesus By Sis. Angela Gellenbeck -pg 8
Chasing (Bubbles (By Sis. Lana Johnson -pg12
March/April 2012
Femininity By Sis. Brenda Wilkins -pg 1
Tornado Praise By Sis. Elina Elwell -pg 2
I Am Your Tongue —Selected -pg 9
Under His ‘Wing By Sis. Lana Johnson ( Isaiah 45:3; tPsatm 17:8; Bsatm 91:1, 4; II Chronicles 20:1-25)---pg 12
May/June 2012
The Rich Fool —Ulysses Phillips Faith and Victory, November 1948 -pg 1
Take Root Downward —Flossie Atha Taken from Faith and Victory, April 1954 -pg 2
Prayers for the Dead —John H. Griffith Faith and Victory, December 1945 -pg 3
CULTIVATION OF HOPE —From Rays of Hope by D. O. Teasley -pg 9
The Song of Salvation By Sis. Lana Johnson Inspired by  testimony of Sis Robin Moles on April 11. 2012. -pg  12
September/October 2012
The Prayer-Life —Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg 1
The Judges Verdict —From The Gospel Trumpet, March 15, 1881 -pg 2
The Shepherd's Reflection —From Faith and Victory, May 1953 -pg 3
Learning How to Sing —Charles E. Orr -pg 3
“Excuse me, are you Jesus?” —Submitted by Bro. Harlan Sorrell -pg 11
The Son and the Sun By Sis. Lana Johnson -pg 12
November/December 2012
HOW TO WORK GOD S JOY MACHINE -—Taken from Heart Talks. -pg 1

Memorial: Bro. Failos Namaozongo was bom in August of 1933 at Chiringa, Phalombe in the southern part of Malawi. Seventy-nine years later, on September 24, 2012, he died at the same town of Chiringa -pg 10
From Valley to Victory—Sis. Lana Johnson -pg 12
January/February 2013
A Mother’s Watchful Eyes By Sis. Charlotte Huskey -pg 1
This Side of Eternity Sis. Gladys Cashio -pg 3                                                                       

The Strength of Silence Gospel Trumpet Sept. 27. 1900
Victory Like (David Sis. Lana Johnson -pg 12
March/April 2013
Self-Introspection versus Looking to Jesus By Sis. Tricia Bell -pg 1
Growing Pains —Sis. Christy Robertson -pg 3
PEACE By Edgar H. Quest -pg 12
May/June 2013
Attaining Unto the Resurrection of the Dead By Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg 1
Selections from Problems o f Eternal Moment By J. Grant Anderson -pg 2
Foreign Mission Letters pg 9 & 10
Don’ts for Doubters —D. O Teasley – pg 5
 October 2013
JEHOVAH – JIREH By Michael Smith -pg 1
God’s Way is Best By Patsy Smith -pg 2
….From my viewpoint By Julie Elwell -pg 3
Hide Behind the Cross By Clifford Smith "He must increase, but I must decrease." -pg 4
Africa Mission & Beyond -Michael & René Smith
Honduras --- Sis. Judy Trepagnier -pg 6
IN MEMORIAM Donald W. Sharp Sr -pg 7
CHURCH OF GOD Websites -pg 7
Radio God’s Five Minutes Radio station http://kneo.org/local/5minutes.html -pg 7
Thanks to the Lamb By Kristen Wilson -pg 8
November/December 2013
Thy Soul Shall Be Required By Michael Smith -pg 1
Editorials: Ninety years ago, in March of 1923, the first edition of the Faith and Victory was printed  “Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.” Psalm 103:2 –Clifford Smith   –Patsy Smith -pg 2
A Personal Narrative How Can I Doubt You, Lord? By Angela Gellenbeck – pg 4
I Stand at the Door By Ed Wilson -pg 5
From My Viewpoint By Julie Elwell -pg 6
Trust in God’s Wisdom By Clifford Smith -pg 6
Foreign Missions -pgs 8 & 9
Whom Shall I Send? By Angela Gellenbeck -pg 10
January/February 2014
The Evening Light Legacy of Hymns and Spiritual Songs By Harlan Sorrell -pg 1
Worshipping God in Song By Leslie Busbee -pg 2
“There’s a Message in Every Song!” By Clifford Smith -pg 3
How Firm a Foundation By Ed Wilson -pg 7
Abundant Life By Rodney Smith -pg 8
Foreign Missions -pg 9
March/April 2014
The Lord Hath Created a New Thing By Bob Wilson -pg 1
He Giveth More Grace By Anita Adams – pg 2
The Footprints of Your Life -pg 3
From My Viewpoint By Julie Elwell -ph 5
From The Pulpit -Quick and Powerful! This is an excerpt of a message preached by Marty Clevenger at the Guthrie, OK Assembly Meeting December 23, 2013 -pg 6
DOES THE OUTSIDE MATTER? By Angela Busbee – pg 8
May/June 2014
Camp Meeting Sitting Together In Heavenly Places By Michael Smith -pg1
“Monark Springs” A Personal Testimony -pg 4
Recollections and Memories of Monark Springs Camp Meeting -pg 6 & 7
Christ Makes A Personal Appeal To Every Human By Angela Gellenbeck -pg 8
The House of the Lord By Rodney Smith (Psalm 122:1) -pg 9
The Fallen Trees Or A Lesson in Christian Conduct – pg 10                                                                               
Foreign Missions – pg 12
Kindness —C. E. Orr -pg 16
July/August 2014
Spiritual Heritage By Adriel Bowman -pg 1
Can We Forgive? -—Bob Wilson -pg 2
A Modern-Day Miracle in the Soviet Union *As Related by Andre Sivyy -pg 3
Brother Trimble’s ol’ Barn by Clifford Smith -pg 5
Viewpoint By Julie Elwell -pg 6
Let Us Be One! By Angela Gellenbeck -pg 7
The Keys of the Kingdom The Two Witnesses By Michael Williamson -pg 9
Speaking In Tongues – From The Gospel Truth, can be found online at: www.thegospeltruth.us  - pg 10
September/October 2014
The Alabaster Box By Ed Wilson -pg 1
 Let Us Follow God’s Law! -—James Bell -pg 2
THE DAY IS DRAWING NEARER —Bro. Leslie Busbee -pg 3
Viewpoint By Julie Elwell – pg 5
Taking Spiritual Inventory A Key to Spiritual Improvement By Clifford Smith -pg 6
God Is For You! By Angela Gellenbeck -pg 8
Hold Your Ground! By Darrell Johnson -pg 9
November/December 2014
The Church of God -pg1
Who are Members of the Church? By Bro. Cecil C. Carver -pg 2
Viewpoint By Julie Elwell -pg 3
Editorial Suspension of Faith & Victory Paper ( SO SAD) -pg 4
Bible Lessons Angela Gellenbeck Editors’ Note: Please see Church of God Today website on page 12 for more details. - pg 5
Now Is The Accepted Time By Rodney Smith – pg 6
"We Need Each Other, Brethren" How The Song Was Written By Angela Gellenbeck -pg 8
Bro. Fred Pruitt’s Call to the Ministry – pg 9
The Good Samaritan By MaKayla Ann Booher – pg 9
Foreign Missions -pg 10


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