January 1973

The New Year Dawns-1973
As dawns the New Year young and bright
Upon our pathway here,
As fades the Old Year from our sight
Eternity draws near.

Swift fly the monuments of time;
We near th' eternal .shore,
Where wait those· realms of bliss sublime,
Where death shall be no more.

Shines bright the future for the saint
Who walks in holiness,
Whose steadfast courage will . not faint
As onward does he press.

Above the glimm'ring gems of time,
He lifts his pray'rful eyes;
He hears the bells of Heaven chime:
His treasures in the skies.

"On to the goal!" we hear him shout,
Throughout the realms of earth.
Through stormy seas of fear and doubt,
He proves his lasting worth. ----

Today, if ye will hear His voice, ----
Oh, harden not your heart;
While there is time, make Him your choice,
And gain that better part.

While New Year's resolutions fail
Your spirit to transform,
The pow'r of Jesus can prevail,
Great wonders to perform.

We hail another New Year now;
We pause with solemn thought:
Oh, let us to God's purpose bow,
And live as Christians ought.

Thanksgiving Day

November 1973

One long ago December day
On the New England shore,
The Pilgrims came from far away
God’s favor to implore.

To worship Him in freedom’s land
They came with faith and zeal;
They were a brave and earnest band
Who sought God’s grace to heal.

The winter did their courage test,
And half of them were dead
When spring returned, and o’er the rest
Disease and hunger spread.

Not turning back, the Pilgrim heart
Looked forth to better things;
He planted corn and wheat to start
The joy that harvest brings.

A bounteous season God bestowed,
Their barns to fill withal;
A special day was set aside
When work was through that fall:—

A special day of thanks and praise
To God for all His care,
His loving kindness, gracious ways
That led them through despair.

And ought not we with like accord
To praise the Lord of love,
For fruitful seasons He hath poured
Upon us from above,

To count our blessings most of all
Rejoicing just to know
That Christ hath saved us from our fall
And washed us white as snow?

Leave Fret and Murmur far behind;
Give thanks in everything;
For out of Zion God hath shined
Salvation’s joys to bring

New Year 1975

Now once more upon the threshold
Of a New Year clear and bright,
We are pausing and reflecting
As the Old Year fades from sight.

Swifter than a soaring arrow
From an archer, we would say
Down the path of life so narrow
We are passing every day.

O'er the crusty heights and ridges
Of life's long uneven road;
Round the curves and o'er the bridges,
Often with a heavy load

We are pilgrims on a journey
T'ward a distant land so fair,
But our Saviour! He is leading;
We are safe beneath His care.

Looking back, we see Hfs goodness
Shining on our path below;
Looking forward, He has promised
To be with us, this we know.

For His service we are yearning
More efficient to be found,
Every lesson wisely learning,
As we tread His holy ground.

For a light to shine in darkness
Let us each resolve to be;
Fill the New Year with the message
Of His grace so full and free.

For some day the books He'll open,
And each year will something show
For a crown of endless glory
In that land where pleasures flow.

Face the New Year, then, with courage;
Seek to do God's perfect will;
Peace which passeth understanding
Will your happy spirit fill

He Looketh Down
(Psalm 102:19)September 1975
From heights above the Lord looks down;
From heav’n He views the sons of men
Who tread the broad encircling crown
Of earthly realm and worldly din.

He looketh down, O precious thought!
The windows of His holy place
Are drawn aside for visions caught
Of mortals’ need of truth and grace.

He looketh down: what does He see?
The restless churn of human strife,
The roar of nations’ vanity,
The loss and gain of human life?

Is this what causes Him to lean
His majesty the earth toward?
What else is heard, what else is seen
That cometh up before the Lord?

The souls of men, His handiwork,
Their groans, their sighs, their bitter tears,
Their pall of death, their stain of sin—
Is what the Saviour sees and hears.

Thus in His fullness all sublime
From heav’n the blessed Lord descends,
His holy name to be in time
Proclaimed to earth’s remotest ends.

His work completed, sufferings o’er,
The cross and dismal tomb behind,
This risen Saviour ever more
Breaks forth upon the heart and mind.

The gospel to the poor is preached,
The story of the Saviour’s love,
And hungry, thirsty souls are reached
And drawn to heaven’s courts above.

And I, unworthy, now behold
The face of Him who died for me
He beckons me to joys untold,
And gives me peace and purity.

All Praise To Christ--December 1975

All glory, praise, and honour be
To Him Who died on Calv’ry’s tree:
The same Who in the manger lay,
Whose cradle was a bed of hay,

Born in this world of sin and woe,
Obscure of state, despised and low,
Yet in the blood that filled His veins
Vile sinners lose their crimson stains.

Lo! Shines a Light in Bethlehem
Unseen by carnal grossness dim:
A Light of joy, a pledge of love—
His sacred mission from above:

To come to earth’s dark weary tread,
And take on mortal’s guilty stead;
To bear their sin and vile disgrace,
To lift them up to Heavenly place.

Stay not beside the manger drear’,
Oh, walk His path of hope and cheer;
Pursue it on, then stop and see
Him dying on the cursed tree.

But do not tarry here for long—
Hark! comes the strains of sweetest song:
For from the dismal tomb we see
Him rising up with victory,

Ascending to the Lord’s right Hand
With heav’n and earth at His command,
A Saviour, King forever more
To all who worship and adore.

All glory, praise to Christ we bring,
While hymns of joy we ever sing;
Our lips shall speak His matchless worth,
And witness of His heavenly birth

Until someday on Heaven’s shore,
Where sorrow, pain will be no more,
With eyes immortal we shall see
The One who shed His blood so free.


Dwelling in God’s House

March 1976
Oh, blessed is the man who dwells
Throughout his mortal days
Securely sheltered in God’s House
According to His praise.

Blest entrance found in Christ, the Door,
Who bled upon the tree
To give us life forever more,
Is ours so full and free.

The House of God, O sacred thought!
How sweet and safe to know
That by His blood our souls were bought,
Washed whiter than the snow.

For in God’s House is holiness—
No stain of sin is found,
And all is perfect peace and rest,
And filled with joyful sound.

A shelter from earth’s raging storms
Beneath God’s gracious care,
And comfort in His loving arms
Is always waiting there.

So glad am I to enter in,
My soul to satisfy,
Escaping all this world of sin,
No more to weep and sigh.

His love and grace to follow me
Each day I live below,
And in God’s House forever more
I’ll dwell with Him, I know.

Though death will come, I will not fear,
For in God’s House I find
Assurance and a hope so dear,
To keep my heart and mind;—

For in eternal glory lands,
And to their utmost bound,
God’s House not made by human hands
Will surely there be found.

The River of Life
September 1976
Flowing from God’s throne in Heaven
Down to earth’s parched barren land,
Crystal pure, a sparkling river
Issues forth at God’s command.

Oh, what beauty there is shining
From this blessed stream of life,
As its flow with grace combining
Drives away all sin and strife.

Thirsty souls all heavy laden
Drink its waters flowing free,
Weary hearts by sorrows fading
Are made strong once more to be.

For the grace of God appearing
Brings salvation to all men,
All their hungry hearts endearing,
Washing from all stain of sin.

Can’t you see this blessed river
Sparkling in God’s radiant light?
Flowing full and free forever,
Clear as crystal, pure and bright?

Aren’t you glad this blessed Spirit
Flows that we can drink into
One in Christ that men can hear it,
As we live a life that’s true?

From the great white throne in heaven
Into men and women’s souls,
Purging out all sinful leaven,
Putting Christ at the controls.

In the gospel truth obeying,
Walking in its gracious light,
We have heard the Saviour saying:
“I will make your burden light!”

Thus we gain a wond’rous treasure,
Hidden from the worldly throng;
And we taste of perfect pleasure,
Help to sing redemption’s song.

New Year, 1977
January 1977
Another year is past and gone,
As Time moves swiftly on and on,
Approaching long eternity—
The future home for you and me.

Oh, let us list’n with godly fear,
And draw to God our Maker near,
Who holds in His Almighty Hand
A balm to heal our troubled land.

Be wise! O ponder on this day
While fades the old year now away;
Oh, think of Christ who died in love
That we might live with Him above.

Turn from the earth and all its care,
Turn from its darkness and despair;
Have faith in God, turn from thy sin:
Lay hold of life, and enter in.

New Year’s resolves will not succeed
Unless the grace of God you plead;
New leaves turned over clear and white
Will tarnished be e’er comes the night.

Perhaps thy heart has burdened been
To find the “Land of Beginning Again”—
In Christ, a creature made anew,
Is where you’ll find your wish come true.

For not by righteous works we’ve done
The goal of happiness is won,
But coming to the Saviour’s throne
And making our petitions known.

’Tis there before the mercy seat,
Repenting at Christ Jesus’ feet,
Our hearts to God are reconciled;

We each become His loving child.

What joy and blessing will be ours
To fill this New Year’s golden hours,
Preparing us in holy fear
For Him whose coming draweth near. —

The Bands and Cords of Christ
(Psalms 2:3) --- June 1977
Rage the nations, disappointed,
And the people vainly cry,
As the Lord and His anointed
Sit upon their throne on high.

How they rage and seek to plunder
Christ in all they do and say: “
Let us break their bands asunder,
From us cast their cords away.”

Darkened by their pride, not seeing
All the virtue Christ can share,
Sinful men use up their being
Fighting, shunning Heaven's care.

All because their lust and evil
They refuse to cast away;
Thus in such a great upheaval
They go on their dark’ned way.

Discipline and holy living,
Sacrifice of self and store—
These are cords that Christ is giving
If we would His name adore.

Not with joy He binds the spirit
For to suffer and deny,
But He wills that we inherit
Brighter treasures by and by.

And He knows that human longing
Unrestrained will lead astray:
Thus the cords He binds, not wronging
Those who walk the heavenly way.

So we murmur not. ’Tis better
To conform to all His will,
For His love makes sweet each fetter
And His peace is flowing still.

Friend! Whose shadow are you under?
Come to Christ. Believe! Obey!
Do not break His bands asunder,
Do not cast His cords away.

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Bro. Leslie Busbee Poem Book


Time to Pray

I got up early one morning
and rushed right into the day;
I had so much to accomplish
that I didn't have time to pray.
Problems just tumbled about me,
and heavier came each task.
"Why doesn't God help me?" I wondered.
He answered, "You didn't ask."
I wanted to see joy and beauty,
but the day toiled on, gray and bleak;
I wondered why God didn't show me.
He said, "But you didn't seek."
I tried to come into God's presence;
I used all my keys at the lock.
God gently and lovingly chided,
"My child, you didn't knock."
I woke up early this morning,
and paused before entering the day;
I had so much to accomplish
that I had to take time to pray.

The Resurrection

April 1973
As the eastern skies were pointing T
’ward a day all newly made,
Very early in the morning
With their hearts with grief o’erlaid,

Bringing spices to anoint Him,
To the sepulchre they came:
Weary, sad, and disappointed,
Burdened with despair and shame.

Much perplexed they were beholding
That the stone was rolled away,
And two men stood by unfolding
Words of peace and hope that day:

“ He's not here, for He is risen,
Come, see where the Lord hath lain!"
Lo, the grave clothes lying empty
Wrapped about Him but in vain.

Oh, what hope and consolation
Comes to mortal man below
In the blessed declaration:
“ My Redeemer lives, I know!”

For those portals have unfolded,
Yes, the everlasting Door,
Entrance for the King of Glory,
Opens up forever more.

Strong and mighty to deliver
He ascends the hill of God;
On His holy Mount forever
Wields in truth dominion's rod!

“ I have set the Lord before me,
At my right hand He shall be;"
Thus did Christ inherit glory,
Nor corruption did He see.

Pour, O risen Sun of morning,
Light and strength for which we plead,
Let Thy risen life adorning
Grace our souls in time of need!

A Saviour Is Born Unto You!
December 1973

I think of the wonderful story!
In Bethlehem Jesus was born;
He came to restore us to glory,
Our spirits with grace to adorn.

And it seems as I study and ponder,
A gladness awakes in my breast,
Its message becomes so much fonder
And brings to my spirit sweet rest.

’Tis true that the angels all hailed Him
The Saviour and Ruler of men,
And man in his darkness assailed Him
When came He to save them from sin.

What worth! What a treasure was given—
Unending, unchanging, and true;
The love of our Father in heaven:
“ A Saviour is born unto you!”

What greater bestowance of treasure
To man in his trouble could be;
What richer and bountiful measure
Than grace in salvation so free?

To save us from all of our sorrow
And guilt of transgression and shame,
And hope for a brighter tomorrow

He gives us today in His name.

“ O come,” as the song says, “ behold Him !”
Look up from your burdens and see,
In all of thy bosom enfold Him
And taste of His goodness so free.

Look not for Him now in the manger;
Seek not for His face in the throng;
He reigns now above all this danger
Triumphant o’er evil and wrong.

The song of the angels we cherish,
Its message we ever shall pen:
“ All glory to God in the highest,
On earth peace, good will toward men!”

The New Jerusalem –April 1975

Have you seen the New Jerusalem
Coming down from God above,
As a bride of rich adorning
For the Bridegroom of her love?

Have you seen her sacred beauty
And her charm of holiness,
As she fills each saintly duty
While t’ward Heaven she does press?

Have you seen? or are you looking
T’ward that city far away,
Where the armies still are camping,
Ready for the battle’s fray?

Where the ancient walls are crumbling,
Falling ’neath old Time’s decree;
Where the Voice no longer echoes
Of the Man of Galilee?

Turn, oh, turn; behold and listen
To the words of truth divine,
And a vision new will glisten,
And upon your pathway shine!

There’s a new and better City!
One that never will decay,
And the sight of this her beauty
Drives the darkness all away.

For no more is God abiding
In the temples made with hands,
And our Lord is not confiding
With the wealth of earthly lands.

He has found His rest forever
In the love of holy men—
Souls who from all else will sever,
Who are washed and pure from sin.

Here we find this City standing
Firm upon the solid Rock,
Following Her Lord’s commanding,
Ready for the Judgment shock.

“ Upon This Rock I Build My Church”

October 1975
These words the Saviour spoke on earth
Amid the stagger of men’s lurch
(The One who brought the Heavenly birth):
“Upon this Rock I build My Church!”

Thus spake He there in loud reply
To Peter’s own confession great:
“Thou art the Son of God most high!”—
To Christ he gave the highest rate.

For flesh and blood had not revealed
This knowledge of the Holy One,
But God Who had this Truth concealed
Made known His well beloved Son.

Upon this solid Rock we see
The souls of men in love are stayed
Through time and long eternity:
For Zion a foundation laid.

“Upon this Rock I build ”
He said; No earthly pow’r can take away
Or bring to naught. He is the Head,
He is the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Throughout all ages has it stood,
Unchanged by mortals’ strife and wrong;
Sealed through the virtue of His blood:
For saints an everlasting song.

“I build My Church” despite of hell
And men whose hearts are void of light,
The dark confusion to dispel,
Prevailing for the holy right.

Still yet today this Rock doth stand
For us to build our souls upon:
The Saviour yet extends His Hand
To bless and save us every one.

Not on the creeds and praise of men
Will mortals stand the judgment shock,
But by His blood to save from sin—

He built His Church upon the Rock.

Be Renewed in the Spirit of Your Mind
(Eph. 4:23) February 1976

There is a truth to be pursued
By all who seek God’s grace to find:
“Put off the old man, be renewed
Within the spirit of your mind.”

Oh, let the spirit of your mind
The knowledge of the Lord receive;
Be open hearted, you will find
What carnal man cannot conceive.

Be taught of Him, the Wise and Kind,
Who searches all perfection’s deep,
He’ll write His laws upon your mind
And let His knowledge o’er you sweep.

For He hath said, “Come unto me,
And I will give you holy rest,
“Oh, take my yoke, and learn of me,
For I am meek and lowly blest.”

Oh, learn of Him, oh, hear His voice,
He speaketh yet just as of yore
To counsel those who make their choice
To love and serve Him evermore.

Oh, be transformed from error’s night
By the renewing of your mind;
Let sin and self dissolve from sight
And to God’s will be all resigned.

Consider Him who lives above,
And let thy mind on Him be stayed;
What things are pure and bright with love—
By these thy thoughts be overlaid.

Be not of doubtful mind, but trust:
He cares for you so tenderly;
He knows your frame is naught but dust—
His grace is thine abundantly.

For God hath given not to men
Dark fear their hearts and souls to blind,
 But love and power over sin:
The spirit of a sober mind

Abraham, Father of the Faithful
June 1976
Think of Abraham your father,
Called alone of’ God to be
For a blessing, being faithful
On the stream of history.

Worshiped he the God of Heaven
In the midst of idols vain,
Revelations to him given
Of a promised land to gain.

When as yet his wife was barren,
While as yet he had no seed,
He went forth from out to Haran
Guidance from the Lord to plead.

In the doorway was he standing
When three men approached him there,
One of whom was God, commanding
That his wife a son would bear.

And according to that promise
In due time his son was born,
Called him Isaac, which means “laughter,”
He and Sarah had so worn.

But, ’twas true, the promise given
Staggered not his steadfast heart,
Knowing that the God of heaven
Would not fail to do His part.

For in Isaac future treasures
Of the love and grace of God
Would be sent in bounteous measures
Far and wide, at home, abroad.

Thus his faith so greatly proven
Did become a goodly seed,
Carried on the winds of heaven
Everywhere for mortals’ need.

And today his children faring
Are we now if we believe
On the Lord who for us caring
All our worship will receive.

The New Harvest-Home
November 1976
Once more the time has rolled around
For us to sing of "Harvest-Home,"
Amid the blessings that abound
And from His hand doth daily come:

While all the sheaves are gathered in
For storage 'gainst the wint'ry blast,
And warmth and shelter still again
Are promised long as it shall last.

How thankful ought our hearts to be
To count the blessings we enjoy,
For living in a country free
Where faith is lawful to employ:

The democratic way of life,
The system of free enterprise-­
But wait! above this mortal strife
We hear a message from the skies:

Be thankful for a Saviour's love,
For still a Heav'nly Father's care;
Rejoice in Him who lives above,
Who can and will your burdens bear.

"Thank God for truth and light divine,
The inner man to teach and guide;
Correction and reproof to shine,

A Friend so true to walk beside.

"Thanks be to God for victory
Through Jesus Christ, our Risen Lord;
For life eternal pure and free,
And all the hope He does afford.

" This is the Harvest-Home”, so true:
A gathering of a feast above,
The Bread of Life all things made new
In Christ, the dear Redeemer's love.

So come, ye thankful people, come,
And feast on that which is so good;
Let's raise the song of "Harvest-Home,"
Perfecting Christian Brotherhood.

The Path of Understanding
March 1977
There is a path divine and sure,
And follow it we must,
If we would gain a hope secure
Beyond our lives of dust :

The path of understanding true
Of knowledge wise and free :
The shining way to live and do
As God would have us be.

Man born in darkness enters in
And finds the world around
By error cursed and stained with sin
Where sorrow does abound.

To pick and find his way amid
Confusion, strife, and wrong:
To know the right so often hid,
He ponders in the throng.

Oft in despair he launches forth
In careless, dark pursuit
Of pleasure, pride, and mortal worth
Like those of fellow-brute.

But for the hungry, thirsty soul
Who craves a higher plane,
This path of wisdom's sweet control
Finds easy access gain.

For in the gospel's light of love
Through Christ, the Saviour's grace
The wisdom coming from above
Reveals the Father's face.

The knowledge of His holy will
Sweet counsel doth provide:
A treasure all the heart to fill
And prove a constant guide.

Thus understanding proves to be
A constant need below
Far, far above earth's vanity
And all that it can show. -

Tribute To Mother
May 1977
Oh, think of Mother! who is she
That honour you should give her?
Count up the virtues she's so free
And faithful to deliver.

Remember her, for 'ere thy birth
Her thoughts of thee were glowing,
For your sweet welcome to this earth
Her hopes and dreams bestowing.

Oh, honour her for all her grace:
(Thy love let nothing hinder)
The daily care she did embrace
When ye were young and tender.

Just think! enough for thee she’s done
Before thy second summer
To make until life’s setting sun
Thy love a faithful comer.

Go to her often, let her know
Her charms are not unwanted,
Make special mention, try to show
Thy love for her undaunted.

Do something over and above
The normal role of duty;
Express in actions now your love
That God may shine His beauty.

For He the home has here ordained
A holy institution,
And may its shrine be never stained
By sin’s dark, vile pollution.

So honour Mother, give her cheer,
Thy praise of her be voicing,
The rest of all her journey here
Give cause for much rejoicing.

We owe it to her; God will bless
Our gifts to one another—
’Tis part of Heaven’s righteousness:
The love we show to Mother!

HAPPY NEW YEAR January 1948
H is for happiness
All the year through
P is for peace and
Perfection too,
Y is for yes;

Never delay,
Even though tired;
Work while ‘tis day.

Years pass quickly,
Evening is nigh;
All on the alter,
Ready to die.

--Leslie Busbee, ( 9 years old, Guthrie OK.

Remembering Bro Mart Samons
While ploughing through the stormy deep
Upon a ship of massive size
A youthful sailor strove to keep
Upon the helm his weary eyes.
The instruments in keen array,
The veer to left, the pull to right
Held his attention while the fray
Of dashing winds increased their might.
Rocked then the gallant cutter's form
Above the turbid water's grasp
Against the raging of the storm
Sustained by his unwavering clasp.
Fear mounted, panic sought to lay
Upon his mind its icy woe
Until he heard his Captain say:
"Now steady, steady as you go!"
From his command post over all
The Captain spoke these words sublime,
No dobbt his mem'ry did recall
The weathered storms of previous time.
Yes, through the storm they rode that night
Until its fury ebbed away
And in the east a tinge of light
Well meant the dawning of the day.
The years have passed, another sea
Now foams and dashes all around;
He sails toward eternity
Where everlasting joys are found.
He's living now the Christian life,
Embarked upon a course so true;
The waves of sorrow and of strife
Seek to prevent him going through.
But as before so earnestly
He rides the ocean's angry flow,
For Christ, his Captain, tenderly Says,
"Steady, steady as you go!"

The Gift of Salvation
September 1973
A wond'rous gift of God to man
Is found in free salvation;
The awful gulf of sin to span
For every tongue and nation.
For in the clutch of sin and pride
And doomed to dark damnation
The soul needs peace that will abide:
The hope of God's salvation.

Salvation from the yoke of sin
That bars the soul from Heaven,
The blood ·will cleanse without, within
And gladness will be given.
Delivered from this present world
And all her dark deception,
Salvation's banners are unfurled;
Oh, give it wide reception!

Judge not yourselves to be unfit
For life that's everlasting,
For Christ upon His ·throne doth sit;
On Him your burdens casting,
Trust in His pow'r to save alone;
Believe and do not falter;
See how His blood doth now atone
Upon the golden altar.

Salvation is the gift of God
He wills for every mortal,
An entrance from the lowly sod
Into the Heav'nly Portal.
Lay hold upon its sacred wealth,
Rejoice and praise Him ever,
And let the streams of saving Health
Flow over you forever!

New Year— January 1974

Once more the bells are tolling out
The old year passed and gone;
Its rays of hope, its shades of doubt
On fleeting wings have flown.

While rock the worldly to and fro
In drunken night of sin,
We face a future full of woe,
The nations sink within.

Another year! What will it be?
For better or for worse?
What will the stream of history
To future man rehearse?

Oh, shall we sink in dark despair?
But wait! in yonder skies
A star of hope does now appear
Before our wond’ring eyes!

The star that shone on Bethl’em’s plain
The Christ-child to reveal,
Becomes the Light of hope and gain,
Our troubled hearts to heal.

Yet shining in our human sky,
A Light to never cease;
Beams of a Love that will not die,
It shows the way of peace.

And in the light of truth and grace
Our souls fresh courage take.
We see our Father’s smiling face,
And with His Son partake.

Thus in this New Year coming forth,
Bright prospects do we see
Of great accomplishment and worth
For all eternity.

Ring out the bells, the New Year greet
With hearty hand and voice;
Make straight the pathway of your feet,
Good Christian men, Rejoice!

Mother Hood--May 1975

There is a noble place to fill,
There is a call of Heaven’s will
To be a Mother wise and true
With much important work to do.

It blends the strain of toil and tear
With happiness and love so dear;
Throughout the passing years of time
It rings a sweet and sacred chime.

To be a Mother oft is not
The choicest, and most easy lot,
But rich reward it offers here,
And great rejoicing over there.

For every man how great or small,
There is a Mother back of all ;
Though oft obscure and out of sight,
A Mother shines her sacred light.

But in this evil day there flows
A tide of dark, deceptive foes,
Invading Home's sweet sacred ground
Where Mother surely should be found.

We find her oft so far away,
Engaged in traffic of the day.
To someone else the task is given
To watch her brood that came from Heaven.

Unwilling here to subject be
To God's great wise and just decree,
She seeks a loftier, higher sphere
Of worldly praise and earthly fear.

Hark! From the Holy Book is heard
The call of God's unshaken Word,
For Mothers to be born anew
To do what God has bid them do:

To guide the house and keep the home,
And from her duties never roam:
Her children and her husband love,

Possess that wisdom from above.

New Year’s Greetings
January 1976

Looking forward to the dawning
Of a New Year bright and clear,
We are pressing on our journey
To our Heav’nly Home so dear.

Strengthened day by day, undaunted
By our foes all 'round about,
Nor by sorrows are we haunted,
Undismayed by fear and doubt.

For in Christ, our dear Redeemer,
We are strong the fight to win;
Far beyond earth’s dying glimmer
Jesus 'waits to welcome in.

Closer to Him we are pressing,
Seeking more His work to do;
Feasting on His holy blessing
As we walk life’s journey through.

Come life’s trials, fall its sorrow,
Anguish suid adversity,
Grace today, and hope: tomorrow—
Sharing Christ’s humility.

Holding forth His counsel spoken,
Walking in His truth divine,
Not one promise has He broken
As we measure to the line.

Thus this New Year we are facing
Will but find us farther on,
Pleasures of the Lord embracing
’Til this mortal life is gone.

Short this earth in its duration,
Long eternity ahead,
Thus for wisdom and salvation
By His Spirit we are led.

Soon old Time will fade forever,
Heav’ns and earth will melt away,
We .will see our blessed Saviour
In that land of perfect day.


A Godly Mother
May 1976
There is a noble place to fill,
A great, important work to do,
Amid earth’s occupations still
Of holy aim and purpose true.

Not in the limelight o f acclaim
This place of virtue can be sought,
Nor in the human hall of fame
Its curious art and toil is wrought.

But in the quiet and unseen Of HOME
where grief and joys are blent,
A godly mother holds serene
An empire of accomplishment.

Her duties, chores, are simple; yet,
An honour great accompanies them:
A joy all sorrow to forget,
A rich reward to never dim.

To mold and shape the tender mind
To worthier, vaster, richer thought
Through counsel firm and precepts kind,
And by the patience that is wrought—

This is the godly mother’s goal
Through days and weeks and months and years.
Her product is a precious soul
Upheld and nourished by her tears.

To be a godly mother wise
Should be the prayer o f every heart
Beneath these fleeting mortal skies
For women now of every part.

“ Her children rise and call her blest,
Her husband also praiseth her,’’
And when from life she sinks to rest
Sweet graces will her mem’ry stir.

And far beyond the reach of time
The influence of her life so pure
Will reap a rich reward sublime
Through endless ages to endure.

The Two Ways
October 1976
Wide is the gate, and broad the way
That leads to endless night,
Far from the reach of mercy’s day
Of hope and gladness bright.

How dark the path of sin, how steep
Its downward course is found;
Though great the thronging masses keep
Their pace to onward bound.

The multitude of men so vain
Who tread its heedless way
Will soon awake in torment’s pain,
From which no One can stray.

Yes, wide the gate: enchanted ground!
An entrance gained with ease,
The way of least resistance found
Who seek the flesh to please.

No sacrifice or cross to bear,
No flesh to mortify;
Reproach is never a burden there,
For sin and wrong no sigh.

A church to join, a role to play
In program, sport, or game;
The praise of men their greatest pay,
The wealth of earth their aim.

For Christ has said, “Love not the world,
Its fashion, lust, and pride,”
Though persecution darts are hurled,
It must be laid aside.

Inscribed on God’s foundation sure
A seal that none can smart:
“Who names the name of Christ so pure
From sin let him depart.”

Take warning, then, the truth receive;
Press to the narrow gate—
Repent of sin, in Christ believe
Before it is too late.

The Holiness of the Saints
February 1977
From the depths of sin and darkness:
Wretched stains of guilt and woe,
Christ redeems His purchased people
Through the blood of Calv’ry’s flow.

Washing all their stains of crimson,
Life anew to each is given:
Wisdom, knowledge, understanding
Of the way that leads to heaven.

’Tis a new and holy nation,

Sparated unto Him,
With their songs of full salvation
Ceasing not nor waxing dim.

Careful, watchful, ever yearning
More and more to please the Lord,
Loving, prayerful, ever learning
From the teachings of His Word.

Worldly, sinful paths forsaking:
Charms of earth with all its pride;
Straight and righteous paths they’re making
In their quickened, upward stride.

For their treasures are in Heaven,
Their adorning is within;
Outward show and selfish leaven
They no longer seek to win.

For the Saviour is the Husband,
He who died to make them pure;
And they seek a richer beauty
That will evermore endure.

Oh, to be a saint most holy,
Measured to each royal line!
Living, speaking, going solely
For the will of God divine.

God Himself has set the measure:
Who His teachings will obey?
Nothing else will meet His pleasure
On that final Judgment Day.

The Risen, Living Christ
April 1977
sins to be forgiven
And erased from Heaven’s scroll,
Perfect ransom He has given:
Full atonement for the soul.

We are saved from sin’s oppression:
Its effect and dreadful sway,
Life eternal our possession
As we walk the holy way.

For He lives to reign forever!
He is risen from the grave!
Came He forth a mighty Saviour
From the uttermost to save.

Yes, He lives; death’s chains were broken
Once for all! The work is done!
And His cross becomes our token
Of the crown that He has won.

Praise the Lord, O man, forever!
Hear the gospel glad and free;
From the world affections sever,
And may Christ thy treasure be!

For He comes with clouds descending
At a time we know not when,
And the saints will rise, ascending
From the earth to meet Him then.

Thus forever in His presence
We will in His likeness be,
Feasting on His pure, sweet essence
From all care and sorrow free.

Lift thine eyes above, behold Him,
Look upon the Lord until
All thy heart in love enfolds Him,
And He works His perfect will.