Who and NWO using fear to enslave the world
The CDC is actually a vaccination CO.
the CDC is a vaccination co.

Leading U.S. scientist Dr. Judy Mikovits revealed that she was in cooperation with the FBI relating to Dr. Anthony Fauci. Dr. Mikovits is a research pioneer and divulged how the investigation focused on the National Institute of Health, where Fauci was an employee.

It is alleged that Fauci was under investigation for stealing scientific research and covering up contaminated vaccines. He was also accused of giving out grants to cronies and being an overall nightmare to work with.

Dr. Mikovits’ Claims Ignored by FBI 

Dr. Mikovits unveiled her experiences in dealing with Fauci’s control while researching for three decades on the Thomas Paine Podcast. The allegations of fraud and abuse at the hands of Fauci eventually helped start an investigation by the FBI.

While Dr. Mikovits cooperated with the FBI through 2014, she now accuses the FBI and the Justice Department in enacting a monumental coverup to protect Fauci and his collaborators. Dr. Mikovits says the probe uncovered medical scams and other endangerments to the American people.

It just so happens during this time that James Comey was in charge of the FBI, and it was Eric Holder’s Justice Department. This was all under the ruling of Barack Obama’s White House Administration.

Will Fauci Meet Justice?

Are these details and allegations enough to warrant new federal investigations into Dr. Fauci? In a rational world were truth and justice reign, yes. But in our corrupt society, it seems sadly unlikely.

Some are referring to Dr. Mikovits as a modern-day Rosalind Franklin. Due to her work in her doctoral thesis, the treatment of HIV-AIDS was evolved, and millions of lives were saved. She spent two decades working at the National Cancer Institute and has seen the best and worst aspects of the scientific community. Dr. Mikovits relayed that Fauci stole her leading proprietary research on two occasions.

Fauci’s Shady Past 

In the 1980s, Dr. Mikovits was searching for the root of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She discovered that over 65% of women affected carried a virus called Xenotropic Murine Leukemia related Virus (XMRV).

XMRV is also linked to breast, ovarian, prostate cancers as well as multiple myeloma. A staggering amount of children born with autism had mothers with XMRV. Dr. Mikovits’ findings shown a light on the possibility that the XMRV virus was found in the Polio, MMR, and Encephalitis vaccines, which were given to American soldiers and children.

XMRV is very easily transmittable and can contaminate other surfaces or tissues by just being in the same room.

Dr. Mikovits claims that Fauci commanded her not to expose this and illegally took her notes and hard drives. She further says that he stopped her from getting grants, which greatly halted her scientific career.

XMRV is still used in American vaccines to this day.

If the alleged FBI coverup is true, it is just another layer of evidence supporting the widespread corruption of top federal agencies. The mainstream media and aspects of the government cover up the truth, and it falls to grassroots Americans to shift through the deceit.


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