Cults: and all their EVIL!

What is the definition of a cult?

A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object:
Usually, though, a cult is more narrowly defined, and the word refers to an unorthodox sect whose members distort the original doctrines of the religion.

What's the difference between cult and religion?

Cult is a social group with socially deviant or novel religious, philosophical or spiritual beliefs and practices. Practices and regulations that tend to enslave and is demanding

Religion: a sacred belief system that allows for Grace, and understanding (free will).

How to Identify a Cult :

1. Unquestioning commitment to a domineering leader. Cult members are “focused on a living leader to whom members seem to display excessively zealous, unquestioning commitment.”.

2. Beware of any kind of pressure. That's probably the single most important advice I can give anyone. Any kind of pressure to make a quick decision about becoming involved in any intensive kind of activity or organization."

3. Be wary of any leader who proclaims him or herself as having special powers or special insight. And, of course, divinity."

4. The group is closed, so in other words, although there may be outside followers, there's usually an inner circle that follows the leader without question, and that maintains a tremendous amount of secrecy."

5. The group uses deceptive means, typically, to recruit new members, and then once recruited will subject its members to an organized program of thought reform, or what most people refer to as brainwashing."

6.Typically cults also exploit their members….mostly financially. Within the group, they'll exploit members financially, psychologically, emotionally and, all too often, sexually." Pedophilia is found in all most all religious cults and in all Satanic cults.

7.A very important aspect of cult is FEAR: the idea that if you leave the cult, horrible things will happen to you. This is important, and it's important to realize. That people outside of a cult are potential members, so they're not looked upon as negatively as people inside the cult who then leave the cult."

8. The Cult will drive a wedge between families and or family members. As a new member, you will be encouraged to invite family and friends. Those who refuse to become members or question the leaders, will be shunned and will be off limits for you; much like the Lepers in the Bible “unclean, unclean”.

All Cults Powered by Satan!

Satan’s object and goal is separating souls from Christ and mind control is the tool.

Babylon: what it is.

Rev 14:8  And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

Babylon is confusion, and confusion is when the head of the body is substituted. Therefore, a group becomes Babylon if it fails to recognize the headship of the Lord Jesus Christ over the government of His people, and has put in His place a man or group of men to dictate the directions of the precepts and practices of the group and the individuals in it, in contradiction of the freedom that is found in the light of truth of God's word. The head of the body is where the mouth is found, and it is the mouth that gives the word, which is food for the whole body. When the right food is given to the body and the food has a free course inside the body, it supplies all the needful nutrients and keeps the body in good health. But when the word of God (the food) does not have a free course in the assembly, false doctrines, heresies and traditions of men are allowed to occupy an exalted position in the minds of individuals. This, of course, cuts off the group from the rest of the body and makes it a sect (Babylon).

In Mystery sect Babylon, Christ is not the focus, but the grievous wolves that draw disciples after them are the focus. Members are more concerned about what the visible leaders of the group think about them than what the Lord says about them. Human leaders determine who is what, who is fellow shipped and who is dis-fellow shipped.

The true church is marked by the free course that is found for both the Word and the Spirit of Truth in the fellowship of saints, where we enjoy the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. The three witnesses that bear the same record there are the all-cleansing blood, the washing of water by the Word and the Spirit of Truth that sanctifies and makes men free (1John 5:8).
----Eric Oso Jeremiah

Cults and the Danger!

Identifying the Different Cults: Scroll down; more will be added as time permits.

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             Church of God Restoration - religious cults, sects and movements

The Church of God Restoration was founded and supervised by Daniel Layne, who has described himself as a prophet. Layne has an unhealthy, cultic of control over his followers, which - given that this counters the teachings of the Bible - is one reason why the group can be identified as a cult of Christianity.

The "Church of God Restoration" group is a religious movement founded by Danny Layne in the late 1980's. Danny was a former drug addict who made a profession of salvation, began preaching, and eventually created his own following. He once preached among the Evening Light Saints fellowship, but became sharply critical of that fellowship and called for his followers to come out. During these years of establishing his following, he and his followers proselyted among various religious groups, including the Evening Light Saints and Mennonite groups.

Danny Layne assumed the title of Apostle, and accepted the adoration of his followers. A framed church group picture shows a group of followers, with a separate portrait of Danny Layne to the side of the group in the same frame, clearly giving Danny Layne the most prominent position. His followers were his subjects, doing his bidding from how to dress to where to live.

As the years passed, the Restoration group began to take on the appearance of the Amish, with the ladies and men wearing dark colors and the men growing long, flowing beards. The Restoration group continues to practice shunning - a rejection of those who do not accept the Restoration religious beliefsto the point of cutting off visits and communication. The Restoration group has been responsible for the breaking up of a number of marriages.

The result of years of being exposed to the Restoration group pressures often causes people who eventually do have the courage to leave the group to go to the other extreme - embracing complete compromise or open sin. Years of being in the Restoration movement seems to leave most people so emotionally damaged that they never really recover.

There is a harsh and critical spirit that characterizes the ministry and many members of the Church of God Restoration group. When visiting other groups' worship services, the Restoration members have often made it a point to go in numbers, to be loud and boisterous, and to try to dominate the service. Unlike the Restoration ministry, God's true ministers are humble people - servants.

The Restoration practice of shunning unsaved family members and leaving unsaved spouses is unscriptural and un-Christlike. Worshiping a man, no matter how charismatic he may have been, is idolatry. There are honest souls deceived by the Restoration teachings that need to come out of this fallen movement. May God give them the courage to do so and to be reunited with God's true people.

If you have been involved with the Restoration group, there is hope and there is healing. May God bless and restore you from the "Restoration".

Douglas Wall - 6 April, 2013

The Renunciation of Danny Layne -- by Brother Mart Samons at Monark Springs National Campmeeting, cerca 1990 (Audio mp3)