In the long ago, when Jesus was here,
He spake of the people as sheep.
And He as their shepherd to whom they were dear.

For them he would pray and weep.

He told of the fold where the ninety and nine
Lay safe in his sheltering arm;
But one sheep was out in the cheerless dark night, Exposed to danger and harm.

So he left the fold with the ninety and nine,
And he went through the cold dark night
Over mountain and crag, o’er valley and plain,
Twas found, but oh, what a sight!

The shepherd was wounded and bleeding so;
But he brought back that poor lost sheep.
And now if we love Him, we also will go,
And labor and pray and weep.

But it seems there’s one in the fold alone,
And the ninety and nine are lost—
Oh, who will go find them and bring them back home? The Shepherd will pay the cost.

Go call them gently and plead with them long,
They’re scattered all over the earth.
Bring them to the Shepherd with shout and with song— His sheep are of infinite worth!

The Master says, Go, and seek for the lost,
Go labor while yet it is day.
Faint not at the labour, regard not the cost
For all I will gladly repay. — Sister Rebecca Basicker  



One night, ’twas a Saturday evening,
I sat alone in my room,
Watching the fading daylight,
And the steadily gathering gloom.

And I longed and watched for an opening,
A word for my Master to say,
Ere the twilight gave place to darkness,
And the week had died away.

I knew that there had been moments
Afforded me through the week,
When I might have witnessed for Jesus,
But I hadn’t the heart to speak.

And now, when I would have spoken,
The privilege was denied;
So 1 went in my sorrow; to Jesus,
“ And why is this?” I cried.

Ah! the Master knew all about it,
So He said, and I knew it was right: “
The tool is too blunt for service;
I cannot use ’it to-night.”

Oh, Christian,, learn well this lesson:
We can only be used by God
 When communion with Him has fashioned
Our mouths like a sharpened sword.

Author unknown

Faith and Victory 1933  

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Christianity is being placed on trial in a very peculiar manner in this last stage of time. Forms of godliness without vital godliness are holding the great masses of humanity under their blighting influences. The spirit of the age has made the nations drunken and war-mad.

Notwithstanding the fact that almost every home in every Christian country has one or more copies of the Bible, the huge masses are still “ lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.” They have declared in the face of plain truth: “ We must, and will, have carnal pleasures regardless of the cost. We must dance, we must go to the play-houses of recreation; we must have our wine and beer.” They have in effect said to God: “The path you have marked out for us is too narrow, and we will not walk in it. Your Son’s example and teaching means too much of a sacrifice, and we will not follow Him. The pleasures and indulgences you deny us are harmless and innocent, and we will not abstain from them. The plain, simple and modest apparel you prescribe for us to wear does not suit our taste nor the spirit and customs of our day, and we will not be governed by your instructions on dress: we must have our geld and diamonds and pearls, and we must exhibit our personal charms to advantage. You have made us beautiful, and we want our companions to see and admire our beauty. Our pastors and their wives and daughters are good Christians and they do these things. God is too good to send any one to hell on account of this innocent indulgence.”--- And thus the matter is dismissed, and the professed church goes hand in hand with the world. But—Is God going to let them go? Let us see.

What may we suppose God would do with any people who chose the path of carnal pleasure in preference to His way? He would give them full measure. To sow- to the flesh means a harvest of corruption. To sow to the wind means to reap the whirl-wind. The lust for carnal pleasure leads to the lust for money, power and war. When people become pleasure-loving and effeminate, they either must reform or be destroyed. This is what happened to the antediluvian world, Sodom, Babylon and Rome; and it has, in some measure at least overtaken the kingdoms of the world at this time. God is saying to the nations, including America, “ You decided to follow after carnal things, and you are getting them in full measure.” And the end of all things is not yet.

So, dear readers of the Faith and Victory, in these trying times let us who are Christians be true to God and His eternal truth. There may be even greater trials in store for us, such as have overtaken the Christians in times past. “ Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame”
(Rev. 16: 15). —W. A. Shaffer.  Faith and Victory, April 1923

Smite on! It doth not hurt me now;
The spear hath' lost its edge of pain;
And piercing thorns that bound my brow
No longer leave their bleeding stain.

What once was woe is changed to bliss;
What once was loss is now my gain;
My sorrow' is my happiness;
My life doth live by being slain.

The birth-pangs of those dreadful years
Are like the midnight changed to morn;
And daylight shines upon my tears,
Because the soul’s great life is born.

The piercing thorns have changed to flowers;
The spears have grown to scepters bright;
And sorrow’s dark and sunless hours
Become eternal days of light. •—Upham .

faith and Victory March 1923

BLAST FROM the PAST: ​a collection of articles from the "Faith and Victory" Published by the Faith Publishing House from March 1923 until it's closing, November  in 2014. (Articles and poems to be added as time permits) 

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